Dr. Oz Recommends Fruits for Heart Health

One of the last editions of the now extremely popular talk show in the West, Doctor Oz, was devoted to the problem of the heartbeat and, in general, problems related to the heart. Doctor Oz himself, who often gives advice from the field of holistic medicine, this time did not lose his face and gave out an unusual “recipe”: eat more plant foods! 8 out of 10 foods recommended by Dr. Oz were vegan, and 9 out of 10 were vegetarian.

What is this if not the long-awaited hour of glory of vegan nutrition?

Dr. Mehmet Oz is from Turkey, lives in the USA, has a doctorate in medicine, works in the field of surgery, and teaches. Since 2001, he has appeared regularly on television and is included in the 100 most influential people in the world according to TIME magazine (2008).

Dr. Oz said that unusual and strange sensations in the chest – like you can’t breathe or “something is wrong in the chest” – may be the first symptoms of a serious heart disorder. If you often suddenly feel your heart beating, feel a pulse on your neck or somewhere else in your body – most likely the heart is either beating too fast or too hard or “skipping” the rhythm. This feeling usually appears for only a few moments, and then everything seems to return to normal – but the feeling of anxiety can gradually increase. And for good reason – after all, such abnormal phenomena (which are noted by hundreds of thousands of people in the developed countries of the world) indicate that heart health is about to fail.

Dr. Oz said that an increased or other abnormal heartbeat is one of the three main symptoms of a lack of nutrients necessary for heart health, the most important of which is potassium.

“Amazingly, the fact is that most of us (meaning Americans – Vegetarians) do not get enough of this element,” Dr. Oz told viewers. “Most of us consume no more than half the required amount of potassium.”

Popular multivitamin complexes are not a panacea for a lack of potassium, Dr. Oz said, since many of them do not include it at all, and most of the others do, but in insufficient quantities. You need to take about 4700 milligrams of potassium daily, the TV presenter said.

How to make up for the lack of potassium in the body, and preferably by consuming less “chemistry”? Dr. Oz presented to the public a “hit parade” of foods that naturally make up for the lack of potassium. It is not necessary to take everything in one day – he assured – at least one or more is enough: • Banana; • Orange; • Sweet potatoes (yam); • Beet greens; • Tomato; • Broccoli; • Dried fruits; • Beans; • Yogurt.

Finally, the Doctor reminded that if you observe oddities with your heartbeat, then it is better not to wait for further developments, but just in case, see a doctor. The cause of an increased or rapid heartbeat can be not only an impending disease, but also coffee abuse, anxiety or excessive exercise – as well as the side effects of medications.

I am glad that the main idea of ​​the most popular TV show was that no matter how healthy your heart is, you still need to include a large amount of plant foods in your diet in order to prevent the very possibility of heart disease!


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