Aphrodisiac products for men

Is it possible to awaken unbridled passion in a beloved man simply by diversifying his usual menu with dishes from ordinary, but sometimes unusual products? It turns out quite! Although some still doubt it. While others make the most of the knowledge that was kept in the strictest confidence and passed down from generation to generation only by a select few. It was only in the age of scientific discoveries and innovative technologies that they became generally available. That is why they cannot be neglected. And, even more so, they cannot be ignored.

Aphrodisiac products for men and women: what is the difference

It has been known for a long time that some food products are capable of causing sexual attraction only in women, while others – only in men. Nevertheless, the reasons for such a mysterious phenomenon have hardly been discussed until now. As a result, this only provoked a surge of bewilderment and even distrust of the culinary heritage of our ancestors, questioning their invaluable experience.

However, to date, scientists have been able to explain the mechanism of the impact of different “tasty” dishes on the human body. It turns out it’s all about hormones. When a person eats a particular product, substances that increase the level of certain hormones through complex chemical reactions enter his bloodstream.

Nutrition and male sex drive

Scientists say that almost all men between the ages of 16 and 60 are susceptible to libido problems. This can be facilitated by a number of factors, including diseases and negative environmental influences. However, in any case, you should not despair.


It’s enough just to reconsider your diet. Perhaps the body does not receive the necessary substances that maintain libido at the proper level. Namely:

  • L-arginine. This amino acid takes an active part in the synthesis of nitric oxide, however, with age, its production decreases, which leads to a deterioration in blood circulation and microcirculation in the male genital organs, as well as problems with erection. To replenish your L-arginine stores, you need to eat more sesame seeds and nuts.
  • Selenium. It affects sperm motility and the onset of an erection. The best source of selenium is fatty fish.
  • Zinc. It is responsible for both testosterone production and the health of the male reproductive system, thereby increasing libido. Zinc is found in seafood, mainly in oysters.
  • Magnesium. Thanks to him, the body synthesizes sex hormones – androgens (male) and estrogens (female). Moreover, magnesium contributes to the production of dopamine – the hormone of joy, which allows you to tune in the right mood.
  • Vitamin A. It is necessary for the synthesis of progesterone – the sex hormone. And you can find it in yellow, red and green vegetables and fruits.
  • Vitamin B1. It is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses and the production of energy, and its lack negatively affects erection. Sources of vitamin B1 – asparagus, sunflower seeds, cilantro.
  • Vitamin C. It takes part in the synthesis of sex hormones – androgens, estrogens and progesterone, thereby affecting both libido and the ability to reproduce offspring. You can enrich your body with it by introducing rose hips and citrus fruits into your diet.
  • Vitamin E. A powerful antioxidant, which, among other things, is also responsible for the synthesis of hormones. Sources of vitamin E include vegetable oils, seeds, and nuts.

Anti-estrogen diet to increase libido in men

Perhaps the story of nutrition that increases libido in men would be incomplete without a description of the anti-estrogen diet. Its creator is Ori Hofmekler, who later described it in his 2007 book “The Anti-Estrogenic Diet”.

It is based on the assertion that it is hormonal disorders, and, in particular, the imbalance of estrogen in a man’s body, that lead to a decrease in libido, chronic fatigue, obesity, prostatitis and problems of the reproductive system.

According to the anti-estrogen diet, you should eat very moderately during the day, leaving the largest portion for the evening when the food is best absorbed. Moreover, a kind of “fasting” before saturation has a positive effect on both physical and mental health of a person.

The diet advises to avoid foods with estrogen – fruits and vegetables, which may contain pesticide residues, limit the consumption of meat, sweets (sweets, cookies) and salty. It is best to give preference to organic food – grown without any fertilizers, or with a minimum amount of them, if we are talking about the same fruits and vegetables, or made without GMOs.

It can be different types of cabbage, citrus fruits, avocados, eggs, natural dairy products, weak tea and coffee.

Top 9 foods that increase libido in men

Banana. It contains bromelain, increasing male libido. In addition, it contains potassium and B vitamins, which also have a positive effect on sex drive.

Seafood, in particular oysters. They are rich in zinc and protein that promote testosterone production.

Dark chocolate. It helps the body synthesize the “joy hormone” and has antioxidant effects.

Fish. It contains Omega-3 polyunsaturated acids, which are actively involved in the production of sex hormones. In addition, according to nutritionist Shauna Wilkinson, these acids “improve blood circulation, increase sensitivity and contribute to the growth of dopamine – the” hormone of happiness “in the body.”

Peanut. It is a great source of L-arginine.

Brazilian nut. It is an excellent source of selenium.

Cardamom. One of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. It can be added to main meals or coffee. But, most importantly, do not overdo it, since in large quantities it suppresses male potency, while in small quantities it enhances it.

Dairy products and eggs. They contain B vitamins that prevent chronic fatigue and stress.

Watermelon. It contains L-arginine, as well as citrulline, which contributes to its synthesis.

Factors contributing to a decrease in libido in men

  • lack of physical activity;
  • unhealthy diet and excessive consumption of fatty, salty and sweet foods. They cause problems with the cardiovascular system and obesity, thereby reducing sex drive;
  • stress and lack of sleep;
  • difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex;
  • bad habits;
  • various diseases.

According to research by scientists, the level of testosterone in the body of married men is lower than in the body of their single counterparts. However, this fact is unlikely to apply to those of them whose beloved women know and actively use the secrets of erotic cooking.

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