Sports and pregnancy

– risk of miscarriage

– exacerbation of chronic diseases

– early and late toxicosis

– purulent processes in the body

– increased blood pressure

– nephropathy (kidney disease)

– preemplaxia (dizziness, dark circles under the eyes, fatigue)

– polyhydramnios

– placental abnormalities 

But I’m sure that all these “troubles” have bypassed you, so I’ll tell you why sports are important and useful during pregnancy. 

I note right away that there is still a list of exercises that you need to say goodbye to due to certain changes in the body. These are large cardio loads, jumps, a sharp change in direction of movement, twisting, exercises from a prone position and exercises for the press, as well as sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, figure skating. Everything else that is minimally exposed (or better, not exposed at all) to risk is possible! The main thing is that the classes are a pleasure, the body rejoices and feels comfortable, because it changes, acquires more rounded feminine forms, requires more attention and care. 

It is important to understand that in classes during pregnancy, we do not set the goal of losing weight and gaining relief. Before us is another task – to keep the body, muscles in good shape. 

What does it do? 

1. In order to prepare the body for easier childbirth, strengthen, stretch muscles and ligaments.

2. In order to prepare the body for the fact that during childbirth you cannot rely on painkillers – only on yourself and your inner strength.

3. To optimize weight gain over nine months and promote faster weight recovery after.

4. To stimulate the immune system.

5. To stabilize insulin levels.

6. And just to improve your mood, to prevent the occurrence of depressive thoughts. 

You have a wide range of activities to choose from: swimming, yoga, breathing exercises, outdoor walks, fitness for pregnant women, which includes a set of special exercises for easy childbirth, stretching, dancing (yes, your baby will love dancing), etc. Choose what you like. And better – diversify your sports “diet”.


What is important to remember during any activities during pregnancy? 

1. About the control of the work of the heart. The heart rate is not more than 140-150 beats per minute.

2. About the action of the hormone relaxin. It causes relaxation of the ligaments of the pelvic bones, so all exercises must be performed with caution.

3. About posture. There is already a lot of pressure on the back, so it is important to give it relaxation, but at the same time make sure that it is straight.

4. About the use of clean drinking water (preferably every 20 minutes).

5. About nutrition. The most comfortable time is 1-2 hours before class.

6. About the warm-up. To prevent blood stasis and convulsions.

7. About sensations. Should not be painful.

8. Your condition should be normal.

9. Your clothes and shoes should be loose, comfortable, not restricting movement.

10. A great mood! 

By the way, there are some features in the trimester classes! 

1st trimester (up to 16 weeks) 

He is quite difficult mentally and physically. The body begins a radical restructuring, everything changes. And we need to adapt to these changes. It recommends dynamic exercises for training the muscular corset, muscles of the arms, legs, relaxation exercises, breathing practices. Do everything at an average pace. The main task of the classes here is to activate the cardiovascular and bronchopulmonary systems to improve overall metabolism, blood circulation in the pelvis and lower extremities, and strengthen the back muscles. 

2nd trimester (16 to 24 weeks) 

The most comfortable and favorable for the expectant mother. The body has already accepted the “new life” and is actively taking care of it. In terms of exercise, you can do some light strength training to keep all the muscles in good shape, but more emphasis should be placed on stretching, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, and breathing practices. 

3rd trimester (24 to 30 weeks and 30 to delivery) 

Perhaps the most exciting period.

The baby is already almost formed and ready for independent life outside the mother’s womb. The bottom of the uterus reaches the xiphoid process, the liver is pressed against the diaphragm, the stomach is clamped, the heart occupies a horizontal position, the center of gravity shifts forward. All this may sound terrifying, but in fact, it should be so. Our body is ready for such temporary transformations. This is a given. 

The main tasks of physical exercises in the 3rd trimester: increasing the elasticity of the muscles of the perineum, maintaining the tone of the muscles of the back and abdomen, reducing congestion, improving coordination. More attention should be paid to the development and consolidation of the skills necessary for the normal course of childbirth: the practice of tension and relaxation of the muscles of the pelvic floor and abdomen, continuous breathing, relaxation. 

It seems that I tried to cover everything in this topic and even a little more. Read these facts, recommendations, try on for yourself, exercise for the health of yourself and your baby! And, of course, with a smile, for fun! 

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