Adequate nutrition

Nowadays, scientific discoveries are inevitably reflected in all aspects of our life, touching, in particular, the theory of nutrition. Academician Vernadsky said that the organism of each species has its own chemical composition.

Simply put, only the nutrition that nature itself intended for it is vitally important and useful to each organism. In simple examples, it looks like this: the body of a predator is tuned to the consumption of animal food, the main element of which is meat.

If we take a camel as an example, then it feeds mainly on plants growing in the desert, the composition of which is not at all overflowing with proteins and carbohydrates, however, for its vital activity and thorns are enough for its body to function fully. Try to feed a camel with meat and fats, everyone understands that the results of such a diet will be deplorable.

That is why one should not forget that a person is also a biological species, which has its own nature-specific principle of nutrition. Physiologically, the human digestive system is not analogous to the digestive system of a carnivore, or herbivores. However, this does not provide grounds for claiming that man is omnivorous. There is a scientific opinion that man is a fruit-eating creature. And it is berries, cereals, nuts, vegetables, vegetation and fruits that are his natural food.

Many will remember that mankind has continued the experience of eating meat products for thousands of years. This can be answered by the fact that the situation for the survival of the species was often extreme, people were simply like predators. In addition, an important fact of the inconsistency of this argument is that the life expectancy of people of that era was 26-31 years.

Thanks to Academician Ugolev Alexander Mikhailovich, in 1958 the theory of adequate nutrition appeared. It was he who discovered that food substances are broken down to elements suitable for assimilation by our body, calling this process membrane digestion. The basis for adequate nutrition is the idea that nutrition should be and meet the needs of the body. According to the torii of the species nutrition, suitable foods for human nutrition are fruits: fruits, vegetables, berries, cereals, vegetation and roots. Adequate nutrition means eating them raw. Simply put, according to the theory of adequate nutrition, the food consumed must comply not only with the principle of balance, but also meet the real capabilities of the body.

Fiber is an important element of food. The digestive process takes place not only in the cavity, but also on its intestinal walls. This is due to enzymes that are secreted by the body itself and which are already in the food consumed. It was found that the intestine has a separate function: the cells of the stomach secrete hormones and hormonal substances in large quantities, controlling not only the work of the gastrointestinal tract and, but also the rest of the most important systems of the body.

In ours, many microorganisms function and interact, their role is difficult to underestimate, it is for this reason that an important concept for the theory of adequate nutrition appeared internal human ecology… The nutrients produced by the food itself appear precisely as a result of membrane, as well as, cavity digestion. Do not forget that due to the processes of digestion, new irreplaceable compounds are created. Thanks to the works of Alexander Mikhailovich, the concept of normal nutrition of the body appears.

The stomach with its microflora creates three directions of nutrients:

  • bacteria that help digest food;
  • waste products of the microflora of the stomach, which produces useful substances only if the microflora is healthy. Otherwise, the body is exposed to toxin poisoning;
  • secondary nutrients, which are the product of the processing of the gastric microflora.

An important point in the theory of adequate nutrition is the importance of consuming dietary fiber, as well as proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other components contained in fruits. But scientists note that it is the ballast substances that help the body fight hypertension, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, digestive tract problems and even malignant tumors.

Important information

  • An important point is to note the precautions in the consumption of vegetables and fruits: wash your hands and fruits before preparing and eating them.
  • When choosing products, you should remember about the presence of nitrates in them. To reduce their amount, food can be put in water for half an hour.
  • In no case should you eat foods with signs of decay or mold.
  • According to the theory of adequate nutrition, the use of meat, fried and canned foods, as well as chemically processed fruits and vegetables, negatively affect the functioning of the beneficial microflora of the body. The choice of products should be made towards local producers, since they are subject to less processing for the purpose of transportation.

Proven Benefits of Adequate Nutrition

The theory of adequate (specific) nutrition is good because it borrows the best and most important ideas from all previous theories of nutrition, microbiology, and food biochemistry. Nowadays, adequate nutrition has become practically used in the treatment of almost all diseases, except perhaps except for congenital genetic diseases. Many doctors, applying the theory of adequate (species) nutrition, have come to amazing results. Unfortunately, most of the information about this theory remains out of sight of consumers.

The adherents of the theory of adequate nutrition argue that as a result of adherence to the rules of adequate nutrition, the state of health dramatically improves, the hormonal background is restored, getting rid of headaches, fever, lower back pain, colds, perennials go away.

Do not forget that the gastrointestinal tract produces a huge range of hormones that affect the functioning of our body as a whole. Both the assimilation of food and the influence on our sensation of pain depend on them. Moreover, the feeling of joy, euphoria, even happiness largely depends on these hormones, which means it helps to get rid of depressive conditions and migraines.

It should be remembered that the best results will help to achieve sports, adherence to the correct regime and body load.

Studies have shown that in four months of following the principles of adequate nutrition, the concentration of spermatozoa in the studied problem men increased by more than 20 times. Also, not small successes are achieved when applying the theory of adequate nutrition in the treatment of female infertility.

Disadvantages of an adequate nutrition system

First of all, it should be noted that the transition to any food system is associated with emotional and sometimes physical discomfort. Before changing your diet completely, you should consult with doctors, read the detailed literature. In this case, it will be possible to avoid many mistakes and understand in advance what problems will face.

As a reminder, people who practice experience a decrease in sexual activity. This is due to a decrease in the consumption of protein foods.

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