Accessories for pregnant women

Bags, belts… choose your accessories carefully!

Le sac

Avoid models that are too bulky like backpacks or shopping bags. Even though bags in XXL sizes are very fashionable, they are not recommended during pregnancy. The bigger they are, the more you will tend to fill them. You may very quickly end up with a bag that is too heavy for you. Remember that during pregnancy, comfort is the only argument that takes precedence! So prefer a clutch, a purse or a small shoulder bag.


Wide models accentuate your hips. It is better to choose them thin, to emphasize the movement without marking or even a lace tied – not too tight – around the belly.

Fabric pregnancy belts are purely decorative and do not guarantee real belly support. However, they can be very practical when you wear your pants open or to hide your bottle if your top is too short!

The so-called “medical” pregnancy belt has no aesthetic vocation. Worn under clothing, it supports the stomach effectively and without compressing it. Women prone to back pain will be delighted! Prefer it to scratch to adjust and adapt it correctly. Also remember to check the inside of the belt. The material must be very soft and pleasant because it will be worn next to the skin.

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