6 tips to stay sexy during pregnancy

Bet on your cleavage

It’s not a legend and the little hats won’t complain! Pregnancy has a miraculous effect on the breast from the first few weeks. The breasts are rounded and harder. So hop, forget the big sweaters and put on, for your man’s greatest happiness, tight-fitting T-shirts, fitted blouses, heartwarmers worn next to the skin, V-neck sweaters and other small, close-fitting tops. To sublimate your cleavage, also remember to moisturize it and apply a cloud of iridescent loose powder. Success guaranteed!

Fall for lingerie

Comfort and glamor don’t have to be mutually exclusive, so just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to adopt Bridget Jones’ sheath panty and bra kills love! If you normally have a small chest, you can find what you are looking for in classic brands, favoring shapes with wide straps. If, on the contrary, you have an opulent breast, you may need to opt for a maternity bra. But again, don’t panic! For some time now, specialist brands have been offering glamorous and sexy bras: “Made in women”, “Amoralia”, “Agent Provocateur” … As for panties, low waist briefs, boxers or even a tanga will be ideal. So exit the high-rise panties! In terms of materials, if your skin is more sensitive, prefer cotton and microfiber, but that’s up to you …

Don’t hide your belly

The stomach is one of the sexiest parts of the body. So, rather than camouflage your new roundness with a shapeless sweater and a large shirt, show it off. How? ‘Or’ What ? With a headband, of course, but not only. Tight T-shirt, belted sweater minidress, low waist jeans for pregnant women, top tightened under the belly, stretch cotton dress or fitted blouse, all these clothes will perfectly highlight your pretty plump belly. Such displayed femininity will undoubtedly crack your man!

Forget the overalls

Jogging, dungarees, floral underpants… Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you absolutely have to adopt this anti-glamor outfit for nine months! Staying attractive and fashionable during pregnancy is absolutely possible. Unless you have a budget as expandable as your stomach … buy only the bare essentials in specialized shops and indulge yourself by buying one or two pretty pieces at “Formes”, “Véronique Delachaux” or “1 & 1 is 3 ”. For the rest, continue to buy in traditional shops. Also note that major brands such as “Gap”, “H & M”, “Benetton”, “Zara” and “Etam lingerie” have launched their own maternity collection. With all this, you will have no good reason not to be sexy!

Enjoy your lioness mane

Pregnancy is a blessed time for hair that is stronger, shinier, softer and thicker. If you suffer from excess sebum, your hair will become light and less oily. If you have dull, dry hair, it will be better hydrated. To make the most of this magnificent mane – because you should know that after childbirth a significant hair loss is common -, use a mild shampoo of frequent use so as not to attack them. You can also treat yourself to a new haircut or at least refresh them and thus give your companion a little surprise. And then, if you want to give pretty coppery or golden shades to your hair, consider ultra-soft vegetable hair colors.

Enhance your complexion

Dull complexion, dark circles… Stop preconceived ideas! Most pregnant women have bright faces and sparkling eyes. To keep that peachy complexion, remember to moisturize your skin well and protect it with a maximum factor sunscreen to avoid the appearance of the famous pregnancy mask. When it comes to makeup, the ideal is not to overdo it. To magnify it, prefer natural makeup. A little powder, clear and iridescent eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss, pink blush and you are crisp as you want! For the evening, you can of course opt for a more pronounced makeup. In this case, bet either on the mouth or on the eyes.

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