A selection of inspirational films for autumn evenings

August Rush

All that 12-year-old Even Taylor, who lives in an orphanage, has is music. He experiences his world through sounds. Even believes he will find his parents and music will guide him.

Sometimes it seems that the whole world is against us… At such moments, it is important to trust yourself and not go astray – listen to the melody of your soul. A touching story, after which you want to straighten your shoulders and breathe deeply. 


Gandhi is a living example of unconditional love, kindness and justice. With what respect and with what fullness he lived his life, it gives you goosebumps. In the material world there are higher goals for which people like Gandhi are ready to give their lives. His story fills the true meaning of existence to this day.

Untouchable (1 + 1)

Not everything in this world can be controlled – merciless accidents, illnesses, disasters. The life of the protagonist is a confirmation of this, after the accident he is immobilized. Despite the circumstances, he chooses to live his life rather than exist. After looking at this picture, we can conclude: we are not the body. We are filled with faith, love and fortitude. 

peaceful warrior

“Do it for the sake of movement. Only here and now.”

We all want one thing – to be happy. We set goals for ourselves, plan our lives and declare with full confidence that as soon as everything is fulfilled, we will be happy. But is it really so? It is time for the protagonist to part with his illusions and find his answer.

The Secret

Documentary about the law of attraction. Thoughts, emotions and reactions often lead us into the negative. It is important to track this moment and set the right vector, because with our thoughts we create our own universe. We are where we direct our energy.


In Sanskrit, Samsara means the wheel of life, the cycle of birth and death. A film-meditation, it shows the full power of nature and the global problems of mankind. Feature – voice acting, the whole picture is accompanied by music without words. Philosophical creation definitely deserves attention.

Достучаться до небес

To be truly free, to feel life in every cell and not waste time thinking. The time that doesn’t exist. The main characters are terminally ill, but they still have a chance to fulfill their dream…

Power of the heart

The power of the heart is measured not only by the number of beats per minute and liters of pumped blood. The heart is about love, compassion, forgiveness. If the heart is open, nothing is impossible for us. Living life from the heart, not from the head – that’s the power.

Always say yes”

We always have a choice, go beyond comfort or stay where “warm and cozy.” Once, by saying “Yes” to your life, you can completely change it.

What Dreams May Come

One of the best films based on the book. Colorful, touching and moderately fantastic. Chris Nielsen embarks on a journey through hell to find his soul mate – his wife. She was unable to recover from her grief and committed suicide.

After viewing the picture, you understand that nothing is impossible, all boundaries are only in your head. When love and faith live in your heart, everything becomes subservient.



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