Drinking nano-solutions for healing and rejuvenation of the body

Drinking nano-solutions of the American laboratory Purest Colloids® are nano-solutions of noble metals in triple distilled pharmaceutical grade water that has undergone deionization. In other words, these are useful metals for the human body – gold, silicon, silver and others – in a colloidal (liquid) form. The particles cannot be seen with the naked eye, and due to their nano-size, they enter the circulatory system without delay. It has been proven that the cruising of colloidal silver particles MesoSilver® inside the body is able to restore health, get rid of a number of diseases, improve all internal processes and even suppress the development of many hidden infections and inflammations.

The American company Purest Colloids® has long been developing unique nutritional supplements that contain nano-particles of silver, gold, silicon and other minerals. The laboratory was originally created to study the effect of precious metals on human health after the sensational discoveries of American researchers about the healing properties of silver and gold on the human body. Research by the company’s scientists proves that some types of metals, which have long been used as natural antibiotics, in nano-form most effectively and positively affect all systems of the human body. Thanks to the latest developments of the company, many people who care about their health have the opportunity to quickly and easily detoxify, improve and rejuvenate their bodies! The most widely used product in the US is MesoSilver® colloidal silver, which has become an integral part of any detox program in clinics and retreats, and is widely sold in health food stores in the US as the most effective natural remedy for general immune system support.

Silver on guard of beauty and health

Purest Colloids® released the product in a drinkable form, which is the most convenient for daily use. Most of the colloidal silvers on the alternative medicine market today contain silver ions, and these particles are not absorbed by ingestion—in other words, they are only effective as topical or oral spray drops.

MesoSilver® colloidal silver in drinking form – in addition to being effective when used topically and absorbed into the mucous membrane – also continues to work when entering the gastrointestinal tract. One bottle of MesoSilver® is designed for a month of daily intake. And the effect of liquid nano-silver is often noticeable within a few days after the first sip!

MesoSilver® contains the purest 999 sterling silver in deionized distilled water

Interestingly, even in high-end jewelry, only 925 silver is used, and it is “diluted” with various impurities of other metals.

Silver particles do not exceed 1 nanometer in size, which is one of the smallest indicators among manufacturers of similar products

And this means that small metal particles immediately enter the bloodstream, starting the processes of restoration and healing of the body!

The effect of the application is obvious

Due to the fact that MesoSilver® molecules are quickly “embedded” in the processes occurring in our body, their positive effect on well-being and appearance becomes noticeable almost immediately.

How can silver help?

A noble metal like silver has long been known for its antibacterial properties – we’ve all heard about the benefits of drinking water from a silver cup or infused water with a silver spoon. It is thanks to the antibacterial properties of silver that infections do not spread among thousands of believers who kiss the same silver cross on church holidays.

The drinking form of MesoSilver® nano-silver is able to quickly and effectively kill any sluggish infections, get rid of the residual effects of systemic diseases, strengthen the immune system and cleanse the body.

Prevents the development of fungal infections

Inhibits the growth of bacteria and the spread of viruses

Promotes rapid detoxification and cleansing of the body

Combats salt deposits

Gives vivacity and energy

Has an extensive antiseptic effect

Stimulates the processes of hematopoiesis

Restores metabolism, eliminating the hidden causes of excess weight

Strengthens the immune system, normalizes blood pressure and metabolism

For adults, it will be sufficient to consume 1 tablespoon of MesoSilver® on an empty stomach upon awakening. Interestingly, the solution can be used not only inside, but also externally, for example, in the fight against sunburn, acne and other skin diseases.

As a rule, a monthly course of MesoSilver® colloidal silver is enough to assess the changes taking place in the body. For the greatest effect, the duration of administration is increased to 2 months.

Silicon for hair and skin

In addition to silver in liquid form, Purest Colloids® also produces liquid gold, platinum, copper, zinc, and several others. MesoSilica® colloidal silicon solution is the best solution for hair health and growth, as well as for skin, because:

1) 70% of a human hair is silicon

Its lack leads to excessive hair loss and deterioration in the quality of hair – thinning and brittleness. If you notice that your hair has become lifeless, brittle, and most importantly – does not grow below a certain length, then MesoSilica® colloidal silicon is for you. A one-two-month course of daily intake will make up for the lack of silicon in your body, which will immediately affect the appearance of hair and skin.

Silicon is a building material for the skin, directly responsible for its elasticity and turgor.

It depends on the presence of this mineral in the body whether a sufficient amount of collagen and elastin will be produced – and in fact they affect the turgor (density and elasticity) of the skin!

2) Lack of silicon can lead to problems with blood vessels and the heart

Since the element directly affects the elasticity of the muscles, the state of the heart also depends on it, whether the vessels and tissues of the heart muscle are elastic and strong enough. If the effect of drinking nano-silicon MesoSilica® on the condition of the skin and hair is easy enough to trace, then the effect of this extraordinary drug on the elasticity of the heart muscle is not so obvious, but it is no less important. The strengthening of the joints when taking nano-silicon MesoSilica® is also quite obvious, as many note a significant reduction in the “crunch” in the knees and fingers.

Thus, silicon is able not only to maintain the health of the body, but also to restore many vital processes in the body. The simplest solution would be to drink a complete course of silicon in liquid form – MesoSilica® from the American laboratory of nano-materials Purest Colloids®.

When Should You Take Liquid Silica?

MesoSilica® is required if you note the presence of one or more items from the list:

Dryness, thinness and weakened skin turgor

Fragility, slow growth of hair and nails

Ptosis of the face (“drooping”, sagging skin, presence of jowls)

Dry skin of the legs and feet, cracked heels

Frequent infections, inflammation, tendency to bruise

Weak bones (osteoporosis, etc.), crunching in the joints

Taking liquid MesoSilica® is very simple: adults only need to drink 1-2 tablespoons a day on an empty stomach (at least 30 minutes before meals). The greatest effect of the supplement is observed after 2-3 months of taking colloidal silicon.

Gold is an assistant in self-improvement

Another unique development of Purest Colloids® is the drinking form of MesoGold® colloidal gold. The beneficial properties of the metal were noted by the Swiss alchemist Paracelsus, when he observed patients wearing gold jewelry. It turns out that the metal is able to have a disinfecting, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. It is for this reason that gold is often used in the treatment of even such serious diseases as polyarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Today MesoGold® is loved, first of all, by people who take care of their bodies. A drink with gold nano-particles allows you to cope with various ailments that prevent you from losing weight or increasing your body’s endurance.

What is MesoGold® intended for?

Colloidal gold from Purest Colloids® has a positive effect on the human body in several aspects at once:

Improves concentration and stimulates mental activity

Increases the level of endurance of the body, gives strength and energy

Improves the quality of sleep, relieves insomnia

Helps improve athletic performance

Improves hand-eye coordination

Effective in the fight against depression, neuroses, reduces the overall level of stress

Has a positive effect on all body systems

· Strengthens the immune system

In order for the effect of using MesoGold® to be fast and noticeable, it is worth drinking 1 tablespoon daily for 1-2 months, 30 minutes before the first meal. One bottle of MesoGold® is designed to last 30 days at the indicated dosage.

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