Food that is at fault occurrence of cancer

Through laboratory studies, American scientists proved that sugar consumption significantly increases the risk of developing cancer.

The subjects were mice. Two groups of animals participated in the study. One group ate sucrose approximately in the quantities in which it is normally consumed in many countries. The second group ate the food without sugar.

It turned out that the increase of sugar level in the blood of the first group causes the rapid growth of the tumor.

Scientists besides have found that corn syrup with high fructose and table sugar led to the growth of metastases in mice’s lungs.

Based on the conducted research, the scientists urge people to limit their sugar consumption, which increases the risk of cancer, diabetes, and obesity, and stick to a sugar-free diet in the daily menu.

From the editor

Start living without sugar is not too difficult. To get started, minimize it in the dishes. And then reduce the use of sugar. Where possible, replace with honey. By the way, even delicious desserts can be prepared without sugar. And even your favorite coffee can be prepared without sugar, with an interesting substitute that will give a new, unusual taste.

Be healthy!

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