Classification of vegetarians: subjective view


wise elephant

The first type, which stands out among the rest, is the Wise Elephant. From my point of view, it is HE who is the most correct, freest and most developed vegetarian. As a rule, he has already passed several stages from the following, faced a number of troubles and successfully coped with them.

Most often, he has been VEGAN for more than a year, he does not experience any inconvenience from the diet, and only sometimes, jokingly, complains about human inertia – unwillingness to accept new things.

He laments over the mass slaughter of livestock and the meat industry in general, but does not lose optimism and, with the calmness and wisdom of an Indian elephant, accepts those around him as they are, even meat-eaters, even dog hunters. He does not try to convince anyone, but he clearly adheres to his ideology.

Such people can be found at yoga seminars, in tent camps on the Black Sea, like the Fox Bay, or in the jungles of progressive European parties.


Noble deer

Like the beautiful animal that I have named this part of the vegetarian community, the “red deer” cannot help but share its beauty with others. He will take special poses, freezing in front of an imaginary camera, quoting the greats, sending thoughtful deep and penetrating glances, until it becomes completely obvious to everyone around that he is the most noble and beautiful.

However, he strictly observes the ideology, regardless of whether anyone sees it. He sincerely cares about ecology, animal protection and other near-vegan topics. He is by all means an activist: just vegetarian food is not enough for him, he needs to make a show out of this, arrange falafel parties, mass volunteer outings to shelters, charity blood donation and so on. And I must say, such vegetarians play a significant role in spreading the CONSCIOUS approach to nutrition among the inert gray mass of people.

With particular care, he sorts through the menu lines in any cafe and loudly announces a catastrophe in case something animal gets into the food, but all this is from noble motives, of course.

He often starts loud arguments on gastronomic and ethical topics with unfamiliar people, but, as a rule, only when he can demonstrate his superiority, that is, with obviously narrow-minded people.

The red deer lives in the clear forests of urban coffee houses and restaurants, in the clearings of shelters for homeless animals and, for example, in culinary arts courses.


 timid hare

It is typical for a “hare” to be a victim, to hide and run. My close friend is one of those: she is a victim in everything, down to the most fluffy heels. However, the benefits of hares are considerable: they study foreign literature, often in the original, extracting useful knowledge and positions from the experience of other countries. An intellectual humanistic core is maturing in them, which someday will give birth to an extremely understandable, logical and easily enforceable law, and even a whole system of behavior.

The hare restricts his diet with all his might, and the more suffering this causes, the better. He does not look for juicier roots or ripe berries, he gnaws on the same dry bark every day.

He does not argue with anyone, timidly answers the questions of the curious, but he perceives each meat-eater as a personal insult and suffers deeply from this. Cries at night watching videos from the slaughterhouse, but does not help in shelters, most likely because real help will bring relief.

They live in all sorts of safe havens like art cafes, private parties, and arthouse movie screenings.


sly monkey

Monkey tried to take the vegan path and, perhaps, repeatedly, but either overdid it and forced the diet before spiritual development, or did not understand some simple things for herself.

The cunning monkey diets sloppily or even NOT, but actively trolls a network of unafraid meat-eaters, causing panic attacks and undermining the traditional poor three-course menu.

She gives a lot of very mediocre arguments in a dispute, always from a safe distance and chooses people who are not ready for dialogue to argue. Of course, he does not follow the rules of good manners either, often turning to personalities, and by his existence and activity only undermines the natural development of the masses.

Monkeys are amazing people – they live on the net, since only the Internet can provide them with a sufficient safe distance from their opponent.


 Silly mouse

Out of the corner of her tiny mind, she understands that the truth is behind her, but she does not see the whole picture. There is no independent personality in her, she is not capable of cultivating her own idea inside herself – she needs someone else’s like air.

: As often happens in nature, the mouse eats anything, despite the fact that it is considered a herbivore. She has difficulty following a diet, because it is very difficult for her to distinguish animal food from plant food, especially if the food has gone through several stages of complex processing before it hits the mouse on the table.

A vegetarian like “stupid mouse” doesn’t like to argue, and if it happens, he simply repeats other people’s words without hesitation, until he is asked to explain these words – such requests confuse mice.

Mice dart around – there is no specific habitat for them: apartment houses, poetry evenings, coffee houses, cinemas, etc.

 Now, analyzing my behavior in the past, I find myself showing signs of almost all categories at different periods of my life. Each of us, in the course of our development, moves from category to category in all areas of activity, whether it be vegetarianism, profession, relationships or hobbies, there are “hares” and “elephants” everywhere.

And even though I described only a few types from the great diversity of the vegetarian fauna, I think you will recognize yourself in at least one of them 🙂 


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