9 Fascinating Facts About Vegetarianism

This article provides some interesting facts about the vegetarian diet, some of which may surprise you.

  1. Vegetarianism is traditionally associated with the population of ancient India. Even today.

  2. . The main goal of its participants was to dispel the myth about the impossibility of leading a healthy lifestyle without eating meat.

  3. Exist . The most strict representatives refuse not only meat, but also all animal products, including honey, as well as, for example, bread, which is baked in molds with butter.

  4. Many are adopting a plant-based diet in an attempt to counter the environmental damage that meat production is causing. According to Wikipedia, growing crops to feed livestock requires.  

  5. There are people who have come to vegetarianism for religious reasons. Denominations actively advocating a vegetarian diet include.

  6. British studies claim that in adulthood. That is, the smarter the child, the higher the likelihood of his refusal of meat in the future.

  7. While a vegetarian diet comes with many health benefits, it also has an interesting effect on the body: researchers have found that .

  8. A list of famous people who practiced vegetarianism includes: .

  9.  It is believed that during the second half of his life. In addition, there is information according to which Hitler prophesied that the future of the world would be vegetarian.

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