What is interesting in Armenia?

Perhaps you have never in your life thought about visiting a country like Armenia. However, tourism here is developing as fast as the economy. Mountains, dense forests, lakes, monasteries, remote regions, vibrant local cuisine and places where time seemed to stand still. Let’s look at some wonderful places in Armenia.


This ancient city will always be the main place to visit for guests of the country. For some, Yerevan is the national capital, for others it is a constantly growing ancient city. Currently, only the outskirts remind of the Soviet power that once reigned here, the city center is full of boulevards with cafes, parks, squares and buildings of the 19th century. It has an abundance of various museums, a zoo, trendy art scenes and a certain culinary culture.


If you want to relax in an old mountain town, you will definitely like Goris. The pace of life here is slow and measured, as the locals are not involved in either production or trade, preferring to live in a traditional economy. Stone houses with arched windows and balconies are built along the boulevards, people are happy to stop here for a conversation with each other. In this city you will find interesting churches, but the main attraction for which tourists come here is the Rock Forest. On the banks of the Goris River, on the one hand, there is a cave city, and on the other, volcanic tuffs, twisted into strange shapes under the influence of weather and time.

Lake Sevan

You will probably be very surprised to know that one of the reasons to visit Armenia is… the beach. Every summer, the southern shore of Lake Sevan becomes a true Riviera, where every guest enjoys the sun and the turquoise waters of the lake. The main coastline is full of activities such as water polo, skiing, beach volleyball. Closer to the city of Sevan you will find quieter beaches for relaxation.

Mount Aragac

With 4 peaks, each 4000 meters high, Mount Aragats is the highest mountain in Armenia. This mountain is a volcanic crater, there is also a small lake Kar at an altitude of 3000 meters. In addition to its geological attractiveness, Mount Aragats is known for a large number of legends. In addition, here you will find buildings of medieval architecture, including a monastery, a fort, an observatory and a weather station. Despite the warm weather in summer, the peaks of Aragats are covered with snow 250 days a year.

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