Daily early rise. How to make the morning invigorating, charging for the whole day?

Everyday morning routine… How many books, websites and trainings exist in the world on how to stop hating the morning. And all these “methods” seem to motivate, charge for work, but … until the first alarm goes off. So, what can be done to meet new days with a decent mood: 1. It is very important to sit up straight and clear your mind of thoughts as much as possible. It is difficult to meditate when your head is full of problems and unnecessary thoughts. Regardless of what happened the day before, it is better to put your mind in order and neutralize thoughts right in the morning. 2. For a couple of minutes, imagine and feel yourself in the future, having achieved the desired result. Such visualization helps to develop motivation for action and energizes you. 3. Think for a minute more about that. Think of loved ones, friends, and so on. Thus, the unused internal energy turns into a positive, creative one. 4. Now slowly open your eyes, get out of bed, stretch well. You will be surprised to see a smile on yourself in response to a smiling world! According to Ayurvedic wisdom, in the morning. Cleansing procedures include bowel movements, brushing teeth, cleansing the tongue, body oil massage and showering. Of course, in the conditions of an early rise to work, the implementation of all these recommendations is difficult, nevertheless, some of them can be done daily. It will take some time to turn your morning from a routine into a joyful anticipation of the coming day. Start transforming this process with simple things like. Every morning try to wake up a little, but earlier than the previous one. You will see, the elated morning mood every day will not take long.

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