8 November best products

By the end of autumn, seasonal products reach their maximum maturity. Their benefit increases, and the taste becomes saturated. What to buy going to the store in November?

Sea buckthorn

8 November best products

Sea buckthorn contains almost all vitamins and minerals and organic acids, cellulose, pectin, and betaine. Tastier and healthier whole sea buckthorn berries in late autumn when the first frosts begin. Sea buckthorn will improve immunity, relieve insomnia and depression. These berries can be cooked jam and sauces to use as an additive for tea and herbal teas.


8 November best products

By the end of autumn, it ripens quince. It belongs to medicinal plants, and its fruit contains pectin compounds, salts, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and phosphorus. With Quince, you can prepare delicious dishes – desserts, condiments to meat or fish, jam.

Garnet8 November best products

Pomegranate juice contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. Due to the high content in these fruits of useful minerals, it is a great immunostimulant, increases hemoglobin level in the blood, and helps restore health. Pomegranates are harvested in late autumn, and that after harvest, they are as useful as possible. Pomegranate seeds are added to salads, used for cooking sauces, beverages, and dressings.


8 November best products

Nuts for your brain – that’s the main merit of walnuts. By the end of autumn, collected before they ripen and become as useful as possible. Walnuts – the source of essential oils, minerals, organic acids, and fiber.


8 November best products

The use of the cabbage is revealed by the end of autumn. Kohlrabi is easily digested, contains carbohydrates and glucose, which gives a long feeling of satiety. Kohlrabi helps to control blood pressure, normalize metabolism. Cook cabbage vegetable fritters, vitamin salads, and delicate cream soups.


8 November best products

This root vegetable is a source of fiber and vitamins C, A, B, and PP, minerals, and useful acid. Daikon contains an enzyme that helps digest starchy foods.

Jerusalem artichoke

8 November best products

Jerusalem artichoke is useful for its essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. This root vegetable contains inulin, which is a plant insulin analog. During prolonged storage, the Jerusalem artichoke loses its beneficial properties, so it is best to use after harvest – and that’s the end of autumn.


8 November best products

The main advantage of pulp feijoa is a large number of iodine—the iodine presented in the form of fast-digesting such compounds. Also, there is a large amount of vitamin C, fiber, sucrose, and pectin in the fruit.

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