Scientists told, what foods can cause depression

A high-fat meal, it turns out, spoil not only the shape but also the mood. Besides that, consuming excessive fatty food makes people get fat and have health problems and appearance. Scientists were able to prove that the matter in a slightly different process. It turns out that fats can accumulate in the brain and, in this case, lead to such serious mental disorders as depression.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow found that symptoms of depression may arise when people consume dietary fats that accumulate in a certain area of the brain.

The basis for this conclusion was the study on mice. They were given food with high-fat content. Subsequently, these individuals began to show symptoms of depression for as long as antibiotics have not returned to the microflora state to normal. Then the researchers concluded that a diet high in fat could cultivate certain groups of intestinal bacteria that cause leading to depression neurochemical changes.

It was found that dietary fats easily enter the bloodstream and accumulate in the brain called the hypothalamus. Subsequently, they cause disturbances in signal pathways, which becomes a cause of depression.

Discovery explains why suffering from obesity patients respond worse to antidepressants than thin patients. And now, you can create a cure for depression based on this information.

But for those who like to “jam” issue, something fat, high in calories, but this information will help to understand that such foods may only exacerbate the negative mood in the long term.

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