7 miraculous spices

Add color to your diet with herbs, spices, and seasonings that have a positive effect on both the health and taste of your dining table. Heart disease prevention, artery cleansing, these everyday spices will add a pinch of health to your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  1. Chilli


Add heat to your dish by seasoning it with chili peppers. Choose especially spicy varieties that contain the maximum amount of capsaicin. Capsaicin is an ingredient that gives the plant its spice and also contains medicinal properties such as pain relief, fighting prostate cancer, healing ulcers. If you are ready to taste the most vigorous pepper in existence, choose Habanero or Scottish bonnet. For more forgiving varieties, choose jalapeno, Spanish pimento, or cherry tomatoes.

    2. Cinnamon


We all love cinnamon in pies, scones, cinnamon and sugar toppings, but there are ways to get more out of this seasoning. Cinnamon can be added to oatmeal, peanut butter (for salad, for example), sprinkled on sweet potatoes or carrots. Adding a warming effect and flavor, cinnamon also helps keep your arteries healthy and keep your blood sugar and cholesterol levels under control.

    3. Turmeric


Bright orange turmeric comes from the same family as ginger, both of which are anti-inflammatory (as well as preventing some types of cancer).

    4. Parsley


Unfortunately, many people neglect such a seasoning as parsley, wanting to leave the serving portion unnoticed (perhaps, the specific smell from the mouth that this seasoning leaves also repels). But this herb has been known for its healing properties since the time of the Ancient Romans, and to this day, parsley advocates claim its benefits for kidney stones and protection against neoplasms in the arteries.

    5. Garlic


Like garlic or not, you can’t deny its benefits: As a leading ingredient in many natural remedies and traditional medicine, garlic has antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral effects, and some studies show it also prevents blood clots.

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