5 ways to relax and recharge at the same time

The section “Friendly blogs” has been replenished with a new blog about a healthy lifestyle. The author of the blog is Anya Kirasirova, a girl who runs free marathons and detox weeks for her subscribers, shares simple vegetarian recipes, reviews natural cosmetics, writes about inspiring books, does yoga and motivates them to change for the better. And Anya is also among the authors of the Vegetarian portal. I want to share one of her articles today:

No matter how much we love what we do, you can get tired of any activity if you do it all day long without resting. In order not to feel like a “squeezed lemon” after a working day, but, on the contrary, to be always ready for new victories, there are ways to instantly relieve fatigue and reboot the nervous system. Let’s talk about the most obvious ones:

1. A pair of yoga asanas

If you are a yoga practitioner, you probably already know how a headstand can instantly reboot the nervous system. And even if you haven’t mastered it yet, any postures where the legs are higher than the head help to improve the blood supply to the brain, and therefore, to increase efficiency. You can do Viparita Karani (bent candle pose with support on the wall) or Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward dog pose). These asanas are easily performed even by beginners and people who are not at all familiar with yoga. And the effect is truly remarkable: the return of lost energy, improvement of cerebral circulation, calming thoughts, eliminating energy clamps, relieving stress and anxiety. A couple of minutes – and you are ready to “move mountains” with renewed vigor!


2. Walk

This is another type of activity that, like meditation, helps to recover. During the walk, the cells are saturated with oxygen – and the brain works better. This is why it is so important to be outdoors every day, and also to take breaks for a walk while working. To train concentration while walking, you can coordinate steps with inhalation and exhalation. Or just watch nature. Select the nearest park or forest; it is great if there is any body of water next to you – being in such places gives strength, relaxes and activates the body’s energy reserves.

3. Contrast shower or warm bath

As you know, water relieves stress, and a contrast shower is also incredibly invigorating. If you have not tried such procedures, do not start with too sharp changes. To begin with, it is enough to lower the temperature a little for 30 seconds, and then make the water warm again. Such a procedure literally takes away all problems and fatigue. Another option, which is more calming for the nervous system, is to take a warm bath with foam, salt, and essential oils such as peppermint and lavender.

4. Massage mat

For those who prefer passive rest, there is an excellent solution – an acupuncture mat, for example, the well-known Pranamat Eco. Resting on it, you can well relax and warm up tired muscles and even get rid of a headache. It instantly improves blood circulation through the action of several hundred small needles, activates recovery processes in the body and increases the overall level of energy and performance. And if you stand on such a rug for at least a minute, cheerfulness, as after a contrast shower, is guaranteed to you! And the bonus is also the activation of the work of all organs and systems.

5. Meditation

This option is also suitable for absolutely everyone, because a simple meditation-reboot does not require much effort, only your desire is needed. This is a very simple exercise that is great at releasing your inner reserves of energy.

You need to sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes. And ask yourself the questions in order: what I think now, what I feel. The thoughts that arise as answers to these questions do not need to be commented and developed. Just accept them as fact, as something that is shown to you in the movies. Then you need to shift your attention to the breath and observe the inhalations and exhalations, not evaluate, not try to make them deeper, just observe. When you notice that your consciousness is distracted by other thoughts, you just need to return your attention to the breath, and do this as many times as necessary.

To get started, it is enough to do this exercise for only 3 minutes. Agree, everyone has them! After such a simple exercise, harmony and tranquility comes in the soul. If you suddenly think that this is a useless waste of time, just try it – after all, meditation frees up several times more time than it takes!

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