5 “energy centers” of the planet Earth

In some places, a person feels an inexplicable surge of energy – this often happens in the mountains, near the ocean, a waterfall, that is, next to powerful natural sources of clean energy. It is there, out of nowhere, that answers to long-asked questions come, and it also illuminates a feeling of clarity and happiness.

The world is huge, and the number of such places is hardly possible to count (and, even more so, to visit!). Let’s consider the five most remarkable non-common energy centers, where the power of the Universe merges with the human soul. The mountain range is a powerful accumulation of energy. It is no coincidence that one of the outstanding spiritual figures of the 20th century – Beinsa Duno – passed on his wisdom in Rila, being a Bulgarian. The area around Rila Lake has incredible energy. Particularly sensitive people observed strange dreams while spending the night on the territory of the mountain range. An archipelago of four islands in the Indian Ocean off the Horn of Africa. The largest of the islands occupies 95% of the total territory of the archipelago. The flora and fauna of the islands is something out of the ordinary, reminiscent of a sci-fi movie. The island will make you believe that you are in a completely different world. Due to its remoteness, Socotra has preserved many unique plant species that cannot be found anywhere else. The strength and power of the local energy is able to connect the human soul with the cosmos.

The notorious megalithic structure in Wiltshire, which is a complex of stone structures. Stonehenge is an ancient necropolis most likely dedicated to the Sun. The monument is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are many interpretations of the original purpose of Stonehenge, one of which is the interpretation of the structure as an observatory of the Stone Age. A truly grand phenomenon in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Radiocarbon analysis dates the formation of the pyramids to 12 years ago. According to this analysis, the Bosnian pyramids are much “older” than the Egyptian ones. Under the pyramids, 350 rooms and a small blue lake were found, which is filled with the purest water. There are no representatives of fungi, algae, bacteria and other microorganisms in the lake. The mountain has important religious significance for two faiths – Buddhism and Hinduism. Both beliefs have their own legend regarding this place, but they agree on one thing – the top of the mountain is the home of the Gods. It is believed that spiritual bliss will certainly befall the one who conquers the peak. However, the religious texts of Judaism and Buddhism about Kailash read as follows: “None of the mortals dare to climb the mountain where the gods live, the one who sees the faces of the gods must die.” According to the legends, when the top of Kailash is shrouded in clouds, flashes of light and a multi-armed creature can be seen. From the Hindu point of view, this is Lord Shiva.

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