Edible biodegradable bags from the Indian company EnviGreen

In order to combat pollution, Indian startup EnviGreen has come up with an eco-friendly solution: bags made from natural starch and vegetable oil. It is difficult to distinguish from plastic by sight and touch, while it is 100% organic and biodegradable. Moreover, you can “get rid” of such a package simply … by eating it! The founder of EnviGreen, Ashwat Hedge, came up with the idea of ​​creating such a revolutionary product in connection with the ban on the use of plastic bags in several cities in India. “As a result of this ban, many people have experienced difficulties in using packages. In this regard, I decided to take up the issue of developing an environmentally friendly product,” says 25-year-old Ashvat. The young Indian entrepreneur spent 4 years researching and experimenting with different materials. As a result, a combination of 12 components was found, including . The manufacturing process is a closely guarded secret. However, Ashvat shared that the raw material is first turned into a liquid consistency, after which it goes through six stages of processing before turning into a bag. The cost of one package of EnviGreen is approximately , but its benefits are worth the extra cost. After consumption, EnviGreen decomposes without harm to the environment within 180 days. If you put the bag in water at room temperature, it will dissolve within one day. For the fastest disposal, the bag can be placed in boiling water where it disappears in just 15 seconds. “,” Ashvat proudly announces. This means that the product is not only safe for the environment, but also for animals that can digest such a package. The State Pollution Control Board in Karnataka has already approved EnviGreen packages for commercial use subject to several tests. The committee found that despite their appearance and texture, the bags were free of plastic and hazardous substances. When burned, the material does not emit any polluting substance or toxic gases.

The EnviGreen factory is located in Bangalore, where about 1000 ecological bags are produced per month. In fact, this is not a lot, considering that Bangalore alone uses over 30 tons of plastic bags every month. Hedge says that enough production capacity needs to be set up before distribution to stores and individual customers can begin. However, the company has begun supplying packages to corporate retail chains such as Metro and Reliance. In addition to the invaluable benefits for the environment, Ashwat Hedge plans to support local farmers through his business. “We have a unique idea to empower rural farmers in Karnataka. All raw materials for the manufacture of our product are purchased from local farmers. According to the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate, more than 000 tons of plastic waste is generated in India every day, 15 of which are collected and processed. Projects such as EnviGreen give hope for a change in the situation for the better and, in the long term, a solution to the existing global problem.

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