3 ways to detox your body from GMOs

Many GMO foods have been researched with frightening results. Side effects, from weight gain to organic disorders and tumors, we are just beginning to understand the potential consequences of these and artificially created products. It is important to regularly cleanse and detoxify the body from foreign, health-destroying substances. 1. Increase your fiber intake One of the best ways to cleanse the body of non-value elements such as heavy metals, GM toxins, food additives is to include a lot of fiber in your diet. In addition to a plant-based diet, for example, psyllium (psyllium husk) contributes to cleansing. Psyllium forms a kind of gel that, when consumed with plenty of water, flushes the digestive tract with toxins. 2. Organic sulfur Jonathan Benson (NaturalNews) considers organic sulfur to be essential for liver detoxification. He calls this substance “a critical component in detox, energy production, oxygenation of cells.” 3. Herbs Herbal decoctions that help cleanse GM foods: wild burdock roots, cascara sagrada. These herbs promote the natural elimination of toxins. Cascara has a cleansing effect more on the digestive system, while wild burdock root is diuretic and blood-purifying.

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