17 original ideas for healthy lifestyle New Year’s gifts

USEFUL gifts

If you want your present to simplify life or bring real benefits to the addressee, select the “lot” you like from the following list:

During the winter months, we especially suffer without proximity to the sea, the sun, and the bright, juicy fruit that can be plucked straight from the branch. Even if you do not understand the differences between vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists, you do not risk with such a gift – everyone loves and eats fruits! Choose a large and tasty set for a loved one and order delivery to his home or office address: believe me, an unexpected healthy and fragrant fruit gift is the best New Year’s surprise!

You can choose the filling yourself on the websites of vegan cosmetics manufacturers or in an offline store. Or you can do otherwise: shortly before presenting the present, find out from the addressee which brands he regularly and with pleasure uses and order a personalized gift certificate for him! So you definitely won’t go wrong with a surprise that will be pleasant and useful.

It is not necessary to give expensive juicers or food processors. Perhaps your vegan friend has long dreamed of a split mold for healthy desserts or an ordinary plastic mold for squeezing orange juice? Or maybe you yourself noticed a set of eco-friendly wooden utensils as a gift for him a long time ago? Do not forget to study the New Year’s offers of eco-brands – perhaps what you need will be easy to find with a nice holiday discount.

If your loved one prefers to think ahead about their daily diet and carries home-cooked food with them, please them with new containers. Perhaps it will be one container with an ergonomic design or a whole set that is comfortable to carry in your hands. Focus on the color and style preferences of the recipient when choosing such a gift.

Without oils, it is difficult to imagine the diet of a typical healthy lifestyle. You will not go wrong if you give him a small set of oils that have undergone minimal heat treatment. In such compositions, the most useful substances remain, which means that you will definitely please the addressee!


If you want to give not so much a thing as an impression, feel free to choose one of these presents for your loved one or loved one:

Make sure that MK will cook from the products that the addressee consumes. At such events, you can always spend time both fun and useful. It is especially valuable if you share the impressions together – get a certificate for yourself too!

If a person is dear, it is always nice to give him something special. Think in advance of the minimum “table” consisting of vegetarian products (these can be vegetable skewers, cheeses, fruit desserts, steamed vegetables, peppers stuffed with healthy cereals, etc.). Take care of hot drinks with ginger or cinnamon, ask the addressee to dress warmly and go to the nearest forest to spend time in nature together! Remember that after an impromptu picnic, it does not hurt to clean up and take with you all traces of your stay in the forest.

Half a day or even a day spent in a quiet place with a pleasant atmosphere and health care – what could be better? As a rule, in massage or SPA-salons they offer only healthy herbal drinks and light meals of a healthy diet, so you do not need to think about food – just tune in to a relaxing vacation together.

Find a suitable center and go there with your soulmate. A variety of healing techniques will allow both to touch themselves, to understand the webs of the subconscious, to take part in relaxing and creative practices.

After the plentiful New Year’s feasts, firmly rooted in our culture, it would be appropriate to restore the balance inside and in the body and improve the functioning of internal organs. Take care of the certificate for the detox program in advance and schedule it for the first or second working week of January. This is both a useful and at the same time a pleasant gift that will provide an easy entry into the rhythm of the coming year.

fitness gifts

If the recipient is fond of sports, yoga or any other bodily practices, he may like something from the following list:

If a person cannot imagine his life without yoga and practices regularly, most likely, the mat he bought is already significantly worn out. Give him a new one, and it is not necessary to choose bright models with a pattern – this distracts many from the process. It is much more appropriate to choose a suitable cover for the rug that suits the addressee in style and taste.

Find an ethical shoe brand and purchase a gift certificate to give a friend, family member or loved one the opportunity to choose the right sneakers, sneakers or sports boots for your taste.

This is a gift with a certain “tone” – give it only when you are sure that the recipient will accept it with joy and understanding. And think 100 times before choosing such a present for a girl! But men, as a rule, accept such gifts with great enthusiasm and joy, so for them it is worth choosing the option with the fitness center closest to your home or work.

Such a gift will be to the taste of both friends and lovers, and especially parents. Remember that such a sports “accessory” will come in handy on long-awaited trips to the mountains or waterfalls, and even in the center of Moscow. Perhaps the present will encourage the addressee to start regular walks, which he has long dreamed of, around the Patriarchs?


Creative individuals always want to receive a gift that somehow reflects their essence. Perhaps some of these bold ideas will appeal to your addressee:

If you are sure that a person has long wanted to get a tattoo with meaning, has decided on the place of application and the sketch, look for the perfect tattoo studio for him in advance. When issuing a certificate, agree that it be with a maximum validity period: a tattoo is a serious decision, so the addressee may need additional time to decide on it.

If your friend or loved one has the opportunity to interrupt work for a few days and loves spiritual practices, this is what you need! Make sure that the recipient is happy to accept such a gift and try to find the best retreat program for him.

And for such a gift, probe the “soil” in advance. Perhaps your loved one has been looking for a mentor for a long time who would help him establish the sphere of health, nutrition, sports activities? Or maybe he wants to “pump” the sphere of finance or psychology in his life? When choosing a coach, consider what kind of people your addressee likes to communicate with, read reviews about the specialist and make sure that he is not a scammer.

We hope that our list of New Year’s gifts for adherents of a healthy lifestyle and adherents of plant-based nutrition was useful to you. Be sure to share your gift ideas with us – we are waiting for comments on the VEGETARIAN pages on social networks!

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