Juices that cleanse the digestive system

The question of detox is relevant for everyone, since in any body toxins are formed to one degree or another as a result of nutrition, stress and ecology. The recipes for cleansing juices given in the article are recommended to be taken in the morning before meals – vitamins and minerals are best absorbed on an empty stomach. Drink juice immediately after preparation, as contact with oxygen reduces the amount of nutrients. If you need to prepare the juice for storage, use an airtight container made of dark glass and place the juice in the refrigerator. For all recipes, the preparation is the same: cut fruit and vegetables into small pieces, beat until smooth in a powerful blender. So let’s go! Detox juices: 2 sticks of celery 12 cucumbers 2 cups of spinach 3 cups of mint leaves 1 cup of pineapple 12 lemons 1,5 cm fresh ginger root 3 beets 3 carrots 3 sticks of celery 2 stalks of kale 1 cup of spinach 1 pear 12 limes 3 stalks of celery 12 cucumber 2 cm fresh turmeric root 4 carrots 1 cm fresh ginger 1 orange 12 lemons 3 stalks celery 12 cucumbers 2 stalks celery 1 cup romaine lettuce 1 cup broccoli 1 green apple 12 limes 4 carrots 1 cm fresh ginger root 1 green apple 12 lemons 2 stalks celery 12 cucumbers 1 kiwi 12 lemons 12 cups parsley 12 cups sprouts

1 cucumber 1 cup parsley 1 cup spinach 2 green apples 2 cm fresh turmeric root 34 cucumbers 12 limes 1 green apple 2 beets 1 cup spinach

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