Dizolve: 5 reasons to switch to sustainable laundry detergent


What is the problem with conventional detergents?

It is difficult to measure and dispense the correct amount of conventional powder. Usually we spend much more money than we need. Composition is the main problem of powders from the mass market. Chlorine bleaches, surfactants (surfactants), phosphates, dyes, strong fragrances, from which the eyes begin to water even in the household chemicals department, are dangerous for the environment and can cause serious allergies. Even with the most thorough rinsing, harmful substances still remain in the fibers of the fabric and then come into contact with our skin. Surfactants are generally capable of accumulating in the cells of the body, affecting their structure. Ordinary washing powders are dangerous for children and allergy sufferers, which has been repeatedly confirmed. In addition, ordinary washing powders pollute the environment very much, getting into water bodies and then into the soil.

Canadian brand of natural household chemicals Dizolve has come up with an alternative to dangerous detergents. Wave is a completely natural detergent in a revolutionary thin sheet form. No compromise, completely ethical, easy to use and safe for the whole family.

Why should you try Wave Wash Sheets?

Environmentally friendly

Wave laundry sheets are made from 100% safe and sustainable ingredients. They contain glycerin, a biodegradable complex of detergent ingredients (cocamidopropyl betaine, alkyl polyglycoside, sodium coco sulfate, lauryl dimethylamine oxide and others), safe water softeners and natural essential oils for a pleasant aroma. Wave can be safely used by vegans, because the product does not contain components of animal origin and is not tested on animals – Dizolve is adamant about this. The product is approved by the Sierra Club Canada and other environmental and sustainability expert organizations. Transport pollution is 97% lower than other detergents due to its compact size.

Health safety

Ordinary powders wash clothes thanks to powerful chemistry in the composition, and Wave – with the help of natural washing ingredients. And it doesn’t get worse! Wave is free of phosphates, dioxanes, parabens, synthetic fragrances and fragrances. He completely hypoallergenic, suitable for washing children’s clothes and does not cause a reaction in people with sensitive skin. Hands will not suffer during washing either, since Wave does not contain alkali. Thanks to the shape of the Wave sheets, it is impossible to spill – small children and pets are now completely safe.


There are many eco-friendly powders on the market, but none of them can boast the shape that Wave has. Wave detergent is compressed into thin sheets of a powerful and safe concentrate. Just one sheet (and there are as many as 32 in the package) is enough for 5 kg of clothes or one load of the washing machine. Laundry sheets are 50 times lighter than ordinary washing powder – hello to huge packages of powder that only a bodybuilder can bring from the store. Wave takes up very little shelf space, so it won’t get in the way even in the smallest bathroom. One package is enough for 4 months of regular washing!


Canada is primarily associated with magnificent natural parks, mountains and dense forests. Canadian creators were inspired by the untouched nature of their beautiful country to create a tool that will not destroy the planet’s ecosystem, but will dissolve and neutralize after use. In a big city, we are already surrounded by a huge amount of chemistry – from clothes to food in every supermarket. By choosing natural remedies, we help not only nature, but also ourselves. Maintaining health, and therefore excellent well-being, is much easier with natural products than with synthetic ones.


Wave is suitable for both hand and machine washing. It is enough to dissolve the product sheet in water or put it in the powder compartment. Wave dissolves completely and works just like a gel or powder. By the way, everyone who lives in country houses need not worry about septic tanks: Wave safe for drain systems. This has been confirmed by tests.

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