13 good reasons to have sex every day – happiness and health

I am in good shape ! I have the morale, I feel beautiful, I saw all the Twilight that my boyfriend hates, in short ALL is well!

Rest assured, I haven’t had any euphoric pills! What interests me are the natural tips to stay fit and healthy!

And there, faith of Nathalie, I found a miracle cure for you: did you know that to be on top you just have to… drum roll… MAKE LOVE EVERYDAY! Why ? Because :

1-It melts the beads

Between taking care of the children, running the house, organizing weekends and working, it is sometimes difficult to make a detour to the gym!

Never mind, depending on the position you adopt, you can burn up to 10 calories per minute during sex! The more muscles the posture uses, the greater the loss of calories. Darling, where is the Kâma-Sutra?

2-It’s better than prozac

The short-lived depression, or depression, are periods during which one devalues ​​oneself. We feel ugly, not desirable, good for nothing, uninteresting.

By making love every day with your other half, you are only going to feel the opposite feelings to those. The desire in the gaze of the other will highlight you, you will feel unique, indispensable, sexy and beautiful. What more ?

 3-It is serious distress and it feels good!

During a game of legs in the air, hormones are crazy and the body is secret from everywhere!

In particular dopamine which soothes, and endorphin also called the hormone of happiness. It is thanks to these substances (and other little things too!) That we feel so good and so relaxed after love!

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4-It will be a moment only for you two

(if you don’t forget to lock your room door with a key)

With lives at 100 per hour, millions of things to deal with when you get home from work, children and other family obligations that monopolize you at night or on weekends, it’s not always easy to get together.

To make love every day is to agree to a duo activity (like ballroom dancing but less dressed!) That you are both happy to do, leading to a symbiosis, a unification, who – we must not lie to each other – does a lot of good in the head.

And when the head is fine, the body is fine!

5-It reduces premenstrual syndrome

Those who have already experienced the cramps preceding the rules know what I am talking about (the others, you are very lucky): the pains in the lower abdomen are sometimes at the limit of the bearable.

The culprit is the uterus, which stretches and compresses to cause blood flow, much like when you wring out a sponge.

But, as the body is well made, it has provided a way to relieve the uterus: to have an orgasm! Isn’t life beautiful?

6-It’s as effective as a peel

Finished the treatments in institute, the sex is there!

During sex, breathing is faster and deeper, allowing the body to absorb more oxygen by increasing blood circulation, the very same one that boosts skin cell renewal.

If you have had sex in the evening: a little scrub in the morning shower and presto, your skin is peachy!

13 good reasons to have sex every day – happiness and health

7-It allows a little relaxation

For many couples, love is done in the evening … Have you ever noticed how quickly your man falls asleep once it’s done?

Do not blame him, there is nothing: ejaculation releases a hormone that promotes sleep.

Does that annoy you? See it more as the possibility of watching a movie in peace or of reading a little without disturbing anyone with the light… A little time for you in short!

8-It makes you smarter

When you are more zen and calmer, the result of daily somersaults, you use your brain more efficiently, you think faster, you have clear ideas and reasoned reasoning.

I see your gaze through the screen: you tell yourself that you know a few people who would do well to climb the curtains more often!

9-It avoids worsening the Social Security deficit!

Yes, you might not have guessed it, but having sex increases the immune system’s ability to protect itself against viruses, especially the flu: during intercourse, the level of immunoglobulin 1 rises. soaring by boosting the production of protective antigens.

To say that until now you only avoided the flu by vaccinating yourself or by locking yourself in your home… Isn’t my remedy nicer?

10-The risk of cancer decreases

During orgasm, in both men and women, a substance called oxytocin is released into the body.

Known for its protective properties against various cancers, it helps to limit that of the breast in women, and the prostate in men. In addition to this, “massaging” the mammary glands decreases the appearance of cysts, and ejaculation prevents swelling of the prostate.

An entire program !

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11-The sperm is top quality

Well, this is normal, it is renewed every day! The vitality of sperm depends on their rate of renewal.

After some time without sex or masturbation, the semen contained in the purses decreases in quality. Sperm are less mobile and have difficulty reaching their goal!

Those looking to conceive a baby see what I’m talking about!

12-Exit migraines and other pains

The practice of sex acts as a natural painkiller. After orgasm, your whole body relaxes, your muscles relax and you no longer feel any ailments anywhere, momentarily of course, but it allows you to breathe a little when the pain is chronic. Do you have a headache or a migraine when you go to bed?

The best medicine is in your bed!

13-You will feel like Bodhi in Point Break, and that’s cool!

The wave. The groundswell. The one that will overwhelm you when you go to cum. The one that will precisely define your G point.

The one that will make you smile for a whole month. The one that will make you see life in candy pink without being under illicit substance.

How do you know it’s her? Do not worry, it will be obvious… It makes you want to do not it? For that, nothing beats daily training!

Then ? What do you think ? I suspect it didn’t take so much to convince you, but there, at least you know everything! And above all, you know what you have to do: discuss it with your Jules, who will certainly be less recalcitrant than when you talk to him about arranging spices in alphabetical order… Honey! I have a runny nose and itchy throat… Shall we have sex?

Did you find number 14? Share it in the comments 🙂

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