8 things that happen in your body when you eat turmeric daily

Turmeric, nicknamed Indian saffron for its origins, pigment and flavor many dishes. Its culinary qualities are well established and now extend well beyond curries, curries and other soups.

Today, it is towards the medicinal properties of turmeric that Western eyes are turning, somewhat behind the South Asian peoples who have used it in traditional medicine since antiquity.

Here are 8 things that happen to your body when you eat turmeric every day!

1- Curcumin calms your inflammation and the aging of your cells

We are talking here mainly about the intestine because it is one of the organs most affected by chronic inflammation. These are accompanied by an overproduction of free radicals: molecules which make it possible to respond to external aggressions.

These defenders of our immune system, if there are too many of them, start attacking our own cells… gang of traitors! This is where curcumin comes in and plays its regulating role, miraculously relieving your bowel pain.

And since good news never comes alone, you will also prevent premature aging of cells, caused by these same free radicals… this is the antioxidant action of turmeric!

2- Your digestive disorders are soothed

Stomach pain, loss of appetite, vomiting, bloating and heaviness are all plagues that turmeric can treat. They are mostly linked to too much stomach acidity.

Turmeric is what is called a digestive activator: it will make your stomach work harder and more efficiently. By boosting the secretion of mucus, turmeric helps protect the walls of your liver and stomach.

A fortiori it is even more restrictive diseases such as pancreatitis, rheumatoid arthritis and gastric ulcers that can be avoided.

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3- Your blood circulation is fluid

“My circulation is very good like that” you will say to me… not sure! In many of us the blood has an unfortunate tendency to thicken.

The circulation is then hampered which can cause many problems to appear in the long term: formation of blood clots, hypertension, palpitations, thromboses, even cerebrovascular accidents (AVC) or cardiac arrests.

Turmeric has the power to prevent these risks. Note: this property makes it incompatible with anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents.

4- Your risk of developing cancer is divided… by 10?

Coincidence or not, the most common cancers in the Western world (colon cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer) are 10 times less prevalent in South Asia.

Certainly our overall lifestyle is different from that of South Asians, but the daily presence of turmeric on Indian plates has been pointed out as one of the important factors. And for good reason !

Turmeric would help curb the spread of cancer cells in the body. It would also stop their growth and make them more sensitive to chemotherapy.

Finally, it would promote the premature death of cancer cells, in particular affected stem cells, from the precancerous state. It therefore plays both a preventive and a curative role.

8 things that happen in your body when you eat turmeric daily
Pepper grains and turmeric powder

5- your metabolism is racing

I’m not telling you anything: the higher our metabolism, the more fat we burn. Some have a particularly slow metabolism: it would surely be a good thing in the event of famine, but in everyday life it quickly turns into weight gain.

Fortunately, turmeric accelerates the metabolism thanks to an increase in blood flow to the digestive system: we consume assimilated fats faster! As a bonus, it limits the manufacture of insulin, a hormone that stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood.

By preventing fluctuations, we avoid insulin spikes that are the cause of fat storage: your thighs will be happy!

6- You have the fishing!

The effects of turmeric on our brain functions have been the subject of numerous studies, the results of which are convincing. Curcumin thus stimulates several hormones, each responsible for certain types of brain activity.

Norepinephrine is primarily noted for mood, attention and sleep; dopamine for pleasure, satisfaction and emotions and finally serotonin for memory, learning and… sexual desire.

If the benefits are therefore multiple, it is on the mood that the properties of turmeric are the most powerful: it allows in particular to fight against depression.

The effectiveness would be comparable to that of drugs with heavy side effects such as Prozac or Zoloft, and this in a 100% natural way! What more ?

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7- You keep your whole head!

The benefits for the brain don’t stop there! Curcumin also has a neuroprotective action: it prevents the degeneration of neurons and their connections.

Thus, it makes it possible to prevent and failing that, to slow down the decline of cognitive functions and the appearance of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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8- Your skin is radiant

Curcumin helps to cleanse the skin thanks to its antibacterial properties. It eliminates impurities and helps fight against the aggravation of the most common pathologies (herpes, acne, etc.).

This faculty is also so developed that we even use turmeric in external application (cream and masks) against eczema, acne, rosacea, psoriasis or fungal infections!

If you spilled some turmeric on the table while preparing your tagine, don’t throw anything away! instead, prepare yourself a lotion and spread your face (Donald Trump effect guaranteed).


Turmeric is powdered gold, no need to add more. Whether it is for the appearance (thinness, beautiful glow) or for the health (organism, brain, cells), turmeric or “turmeric”, as the English say, really wants us good!

PS: there are unfortunately two or three contraindications: turmeric is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and people with biliary problems (stones, obstruction of the airways).

If I’ve made your mouth water, but either of these applies to you, mea culpa! For others, on your plates, turmeric can also be used very well fresh 🙂

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