10 good resolutions I wish my baby would take

What if Baby made good resolutions this year too?

I quit smoking, I lose 5 kilos, I take care of myself … each new year is an opportunity to set new goals. Even if we know that they will not all be held, it is important to motivate yourself to start the year on the right foot. And as parents must always set an example, what if our adored little monsters could also say to each other, this year, it’s decided, I’m making good resolutions. This would make our life easier! So yes, it’s utopian, but here are the 10 things I would like my baby to keep in mind for 2017. Who knows, maybe I will be heard …

1. Let him sleep 8 hours in a row at night. It’s been four months since my sleep is interrupted and I have already spent a fortune on concealer. Of course, it’s been four months since I noticed my husband’s sudden deafness!

2. Let him stop having fun throwing away his toys, his bottle or my decorative objects everywhere, especially after an intensive cleaning session.

3. That he chooses a time other than the departure for the nursery or the nanny to regurgitate his breakfast on him or on me for that matter. After spending an hour getting ready … you have to start all over again.

4. Stop pulling my hair when I’m on the phone. My conversations are punctuated with “Ouch! »Every 3 seconds. I just understood why I am getting fewer and fewer calls.

5. My darling baby, if you could also avoid repeating in your diaper 5 minutes after being changed, I would appreciate it.

6. That he avoids catching all the viruses of winter: gastro, bronchiolitis and so on. My love, now is not the time, the doctors are on strike!

7.Let him say mommy before daddy (even if it’s easier to pronounce, I concede). After wearing it for nine months in my womb, I feel I am entitled to a minimum of gratitude.

8. Let him stop growing. Time passes too quickly ! I wish I had my tiny baby left. Unfortunately, it would seem that this is impossible …

9. If I can’t stop time, at least let me hug him. I know I can be stuffy sometimes. But it’s so nice to give her little kisses all the time.

10. Let him listen. Yes a super wise child, that would be so fantastic. At the same time, it is all these inconveniences that contribute to the happiness of being a mother. No ?

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