Gymnastics of the face: myths and reality


Let’s start with the fact that in the last 15 years in Russia, and almost 40 years in the West, women have been stubbornly forced to believe that cosmetology = beauty. If you want to slow down the aging process, contact a beautician and make injections. In fact, if you look at the consequences of regular injections for at least five years, you will see the opposite. Facial aging, on the contrary, accelerates, as all natural physiological mechanisms are disrupted. Capillaries, through which oxygen and nutrients enter the skin with blood, atrophy, scleropathy (gluing of vessels) occurs. The skin becomes rough and sallow due to chronic nutritional deficiencies. The muscles of the face become decrepit, tissue fibrosis occurs. So, if you got carried away with cosmetic procedures at the age of 25, do not be surprised if after 7-10 years you have to change the beautician’s chair to the table of a plastic surgeon. 

That is why there has been such a fuss around Facebook building lately. Women began to understand: I came to the beautician once, got on a subscription service: you will go every six months. We actively began to look for natural ways of rejuvenation and, of course, first of all we found the method of facial gymnastics, which was created more than 60 years ago by the German plastic surgeon Reinhold Benz. And now they talk about gymnastics for the face on all TV channels, write in all kinds of magazines, the topic is overgrown with myths and different opinions. Some consider facial gymnastics a “magic wand”, while others, on the contrary, talk about its uselessness and even harm. 

I have been involved in Facebook building for more than five years, of which I have been teaching for three years. So I will be happy to help you dispel the most popular myths. 

Myth No. 1. “Facebuilding has an instant and miraculous effect” 

First, you need to understand that facial gymnastics is the same fitness, just for a special muscle group – the facial ones. You have 57 of them and, of course, like other muscles of the body, they need regular training. If you went to the gym once or twice, and then did not go for six months, you are unlikely to see changes in the body. The same logic with the face – if you want to look younger by 5-7 years, tighten the oval of the face, get rid of the first wrinkles, remove puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, reduce wrinkles on the forehead – you can really solve all these problems without injections, with the right help. selected system of exercises and massage for the face. But get ready to do your face with love (this is important!) For at least 3-6 months. 

Myth number 2. “The more you pump the muscles on your face, the better the effect.” 

This is a subtle point, and it follows smoothly from the first point. In fact, the muscles of the face are different from the muscles of the body: they are thinner, flatter and attached differently. So it was conceived by nature to provide us with active facial expressions. The mimic muscles of the face, unlike the skeletal ones, are attached to the bone at one end, and are woven into the skin or neighboring muscles at the other. Some of them are almost constantly tense, others are almost constantly relaxed. If one muscle is in spasm (hypertonicity), then shortening, it pulls the neighboring muscles and skin along with it – this is how many wrinkles are formed: on the forehead, bridge of the nose, nasolabial folds, etc. And as you understand, pumping a spasmodic muscle only aggravates the problem. In such cases, you first need to remove the spasm with special relaxing and massage techniques, and only then proceed to gymnastics. Other muscles are relaxed (hypotonic) and gravity pulls them down. So it turns out a “floated” oval of the face, jowls, folds, ptosis. Conclusion: each area of ​​the face needs a conscious approach, alternating exercises for muscle tension with massage for relaxation. 

Myth No. 3. “Gymnastics for the face is long and dreary”

Many girls imagine doing facial gymnastics like doing gymnastics. When you have to sweat for at least an hour. And sometimes even more to achieve results. Don’t worry, you only need 10-15 minutes a day to train your face. But your natural beauty depends on what you do for yourself every day! 

Not once a week or a month, but every day! This is the key to your youth, you know? I always compare Botox to painkillers. Once he pricked – and everything smoothed out, but the reason did not go away. Gymnastics for the face is another. It, like homeopathy, needs to be taken longer to see the result and at the same time you can solve the problem at the root, that is, completely eliminate it.   

Maybe you are too busy and you do not have 15 minutes a day for six months? Well, then don’t waste your time reading this article. Your option is a “super anti-aging cream.” Well, cosmetology, of course. Most importantly, always be aware of the consequences of your choice! 

Myth No. 4. “If you stop doing gymnastics, everything will become even worse than it was before the start of classes.” 

In fact, when you start doing Facebook building, your face starts to change little by little for the better. There are exercises that give a 3D lifting effect, and there are those that can model specific areas on the face (for example, sharpen the cheekbones, make the nose thinner, and lips plumper). 

Therefore, with the right selection of exercises for your type of face and specific requests, your face will become prettier day after day. The skin will turn pink (due to the regular flow of blood and nutrients), the oval of the face will become clearer, wrinkles will smooth out, and bags under the eyes will go away. You will feel the first clear results in two weeks, notice them in the mirror in a month, and others will see them in about three months.

What happens if you stop exercising? After a month / two / three, your result will return to the way it was before. And just. Naturally, when you know how good a face can look and how good skin can feel, things seem to get very ugly. But this is only in contrast. Therefore, almost everyone who starts exercising does not quit. Just do some maintenance exercises a few times a week. This is enough to maintain the effect for years. 

Myth No. 5. “After 40 it’s too late to do gymnastics, and before 25 it’s too early”

You can start doing facial gymnastics at any age – at 20, and at 30, and at 40, and at 50 years old. Muscles do not age, and since they are small in size, they are easier to train. The first dynamics will be visible after 10 days of regular and correct training. One of my clients started training at 63, and even at that age, we have achieved excellent results. Only your desire and attitude matters! Of course, the earlier you start, the fewer problems you will have to solve.

In some girls, wrinkles begin to form quite early – at the age of 20. The reason may be individual anatomical features and overly active facial expressions – the habit of wrinkling the forehead, frowning eyebrows or squinting eyes. Gymnastics improves blood circulation and lymph outflow, which means it cleanses the skin of inflammation and reduces the appearance of acne. Therefore, even young girls at the age of 18 are shown it!   

I recommend that you immediately after reading this article do 3-4 of any face building exercises and you will feel the blood rush to your face immediately. Always trust your feelings more, and not the myths and opinions of “experienced cosmetologists” who will tell you that Facebook building is a toy, but Botox is serious. 

Remember, your beauty is in your hands! 



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