10 animals that make more money


A millionaire pug, a cat that all celebrities know, an oligarch fox – that’s for sure who can be envied. Despite the fact that they have paws.

The Pets of the Net service estimated the fortune of this tailed lady at almost $ 4 million (which is about 692 Chanel 2.55 bags). Moreover, the calculations were made even before Shupett became the heiress of Karl Lagerfeld. Choupette earned her millions by honest labor as a model or maestro muse. This furry beauty can be seen in advertisements for the Japanese cosmetics brand Shu Uemura, as well as in the Opel Corsa car calendar. In addition, Choupette has repeatedly appeared on the gloss page in the company of top models: Linda Evangelista, Gisele Bündchen and many others.


As soon as his owners take a responsible approach to the pet’s wardrobe, he turned from a cute pug into an Instagram star. Doug and his outfits are already followed by 3,8 million users, and the album “The King of Pop Culture” with his photographs became the bestseller of The New York Times. In addition, the dog has its own online store and very good acquaintances in secular circles. Doug even starred in Katy Perry’s Swiss Swiss music video. The dog earned a little less than half a million dollars in a year.


The Pomeranian has managed to set two world records and become the most popular dog on Instagram. Giff can run 10 meters on his hind legs and 5 meters on his front legs the fastest of all dogs, and his news is followed by 9,6 million users. In 2016, one post on his account was worth $ 17, and this is with an audience of 500 million. Can you guess how the rates might have gone up? But these are not all areas of the dog’s income. Giff has starred in commercials for Target, Bana Republic, and CoverGirl alongside Katy Perry. According to the latest data, the dog managed to earn a little less than $ 3 million in a year.

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She is called “Angelina Jolie of the animal kingdom.” And Benjamin Wallace, a New York Magazine columnist, saw one of the first roles of Crystal, called her “a natural born actress.” And he made the right decision. Monkey starred in the movie “George of the Jungle”, in the trilogy “Night at the Museum”, as well as in the TV series “Veterinary Clinic”. The talent demands decent pay, and Krystal is said to make about $ 12 per episode.


She now has a loving owner, her own brand of food and more than 4 million fans online. But there were also less joyful times in Nala’s life. For a while, the cat lived in a shelter until she found a loving home. She gained worldwide fame after the “Kitty Success” meme, and now she is skimming the cream of her popularity. For one post on the account of this blue-eyed star, you will have to pay $ 15.

Lil Bab

More than 2 million people have fallen in love with this unusual cat. She has a rare form of dwarfism, extra toes, and an underdeveloped lower jaw, but she fascinates with her imperfections. Lil Bab has been actively helping animals in need for seven years now. During this time, the cat has collected more than $ 500, and in 000, together with the owner, she opened a charitable foundation. One post on her account will cost about $ 2014. You can also buy calendars, socks, watches, magnets and sweaters featuring this special cat.


While geneticists are struggling with the secret of the unusual color of this cat, she is collecting likes on social networks with might and main and distributes foods with her beloved. Badges, stuffed animals, books or calendars can be purchased with this two-faced special. And a post on her account will cost $ 6000.

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The tame fox simply fascinated nearly 3 million people. The blog is dedicated to life with this unusual pet. As her mistress assures, the Juniper breed was bred specifically for obtaining fur, so such foxes will not survive in natural conditions. One post on this account will cost $ 5000. There are also Juniper T-shirts on sale.


This chimpanzee was born with three broken ribs and pneumonia. His mother refused him, so Limbani had to nurture people. But, despite all the difficulties, the baby has grown into a healthy and active monkey. Now more than 600 thousand subscribers follow him. Limbani has settled into the Zoological Wildlife Foundation and is already a local star. 10 minutes and a photo session with him will cost visitors $ 700. In addition, Limbani turned out to be a creative monkey, the kid loves to draw, and his paintings are put up for sale. One such masterpiece will cost $ 500. All the money received from Limbani’s creativity will go towards the construction of his own home.

Prisci and Pop

A sweet couple with piglets loves to please their subscribers (and there are already 700 thousand of them) with different outfits. Here you can find a Spider-Man costume, cowboy outfits, and even a cosplay for the Disney cartoon “Beauty and the Beast”. And it turned out that these pigs are real fans of the University of Alabama football team Crimson Tide. They will ask for about $ 3250 for the post.

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