Zero waste hair care: 6 basic rules

1. Choose shampoo without plastic packaging

Switch from bottles to solid shampoo. It can be hard to find your exact solid shampoo at first, but please don’t give up! If one doesn’t suit you, it doesn’t mean that all solid shampoos and natural cosmetics in general do not suit you. Give them a chance.

2. Try the No Poo Method

You may have heard of people using the No Poo method. This means they don’t use shampoo at all to wash their hair, only water. It is not necessary to fanatically walk around with a dirty head for months if you are not a supporter of this method. But sometimes, let’s say once a month, on a day when you don’t have to go anywhere, try washing your hair with water only. Suddenly you like it. 

3. Proper styling

Do not use hot air to blow dry your hair. From this, your hair will become brittle and dry and they will definitely need additional care products. 

4. Top up your shampoo and conditioner at specialty stores

Most Zero Waste stores provide this option. Bring your own bottle or jar and top up with your favorite shampoo or conditioner. 

5. Find Air Conditioning Alternatives

Instead of the usual plastic bottle conditioner where you don’t understand a single word of the ingredient list, try these natural alternatives: apple cider vinegar, natural oils. The main thing here is to find your product that is right for you. 

Or try to find plastic-free air conditioners in solid form.

6. Use hair accessories made from natural materials

In addition to the fact that plastic combs can electrify hair, they are also harmful to the planet. When your comb fails, replace it with one made from wood, natural rubber, silicone, or steel. 

If you use hair ties, look for fabric alternatives. Same thing with hairpins. Before buying a plastic hair ornament, think about how long you will wear it and how long it will take to decompose. 

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