Best Sources of Probiotics for Vegans

Bacteria, good and bad, live in our intestines. Maintaining a balance of these living crops is more important than it might seem. Probiotics (“good bacteria”) aid digestion, but recent research suggests they are also important for immune health and even mental health. If you’re feeling tired for no apparent reason, probiotics may help.

But how do you get probiotics from a vegan diet? After all, when all animal products are prohibited, nutrition is more difficult to balance. If you don’t eat dairy-based yogurt, you can make your own live non-dairy yogurt. For example, coconut milk yogurts are becoming more popular than even soy-based yogurts.

Pickled vegetables

Traditionally, pickled vegetables in brine are meant, but any vegetables marinated with salt and spices will be an excellent source of probiotics. An example is Korean kimchi. Always remember that pickled fermented vegetables are high in sodium.

Tea mushroom

This drink contains black tea, sugar, yeast and… probiotics. You can buy it at the store or grow it yourself. In a purchased product, look for a mark that it is tested for the absence of “bad” bacteria.

Fermented soy products

Most of you have heard of miso and tempeh. Because many sources of vitamin B12 come from animals, vegans often don’t get enough. Tempeh, an excellent substitute for tofu, is also a reliable source of vitamin B12.

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