Your Tarot Card by Date of Birth


How to find out your Tarot card by date of birth and what it means?

Your Tarot Card by Date of Birth

We like to learn about ourselves with the help of various simple and complex divination and methods. These are horoscopes, various personality types, and even numerology. Today we offer to learn about yourself and your future with the help of Tarot cards.

How to find out your Tarot Arcana

There are a total of 22 Major Arcana in the Tarot deck, and they can be used to describe any person. Each of these Arcana has its own symbolic meaning, can characterize a person’s personal qualities and even his weaknesses.

So, how to find out your Tarot Arcana:

Add up all the digits of your date of birth. If the resulting number is greater than 22, then 22 must be subtracted from it.


Date of birth — December 14, 1995. Then simple math begins: 1+4+1+2+1+9+9+5=32, 32-22=10. So, the Tarot Arcana by date of birth is 10, the Wheel of Fortune.

Arcana Tarot by date of birth – decoding

Now we begin to decipher your personality according to the Tarot Arcana by date of birth.

1 Arcana – Mage

This card characterizes you as an active, active and firm, strong-willed person. You have a creative vein, great potential. You are usually an authority among those around you. You have a desire to have your own business. All because it is difficult for you to tolerate other people’s orders. You know a lot, but you want to know as much as possible. Excellent communication skills. You perfectly find a common language with the people around you.

You are an innovator and a leader, you can ignite friends and loved ones, inspire. You also perfectly feel the energy of the universe, you like to stand out from the crowd.

You need to develop communication skills, pronunciation, orator skills. Work on the power of your mind and get new knowledge and skills. In no case do not doubt your abilities, believe in yourself. Boost your self-esteem.

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2 Arcanum – High Priestess

People of this Arcanum have strong intuition, secret knowledge, may even have psychic abilities. You are a subtle, emotional person, but at the same time patient. You feel people very well, their mood and desires, especially secret ones. Such people grow up to be excellent teachers, psychologists, educators, coaches, diplomats. You know how to extinguish negative manifestations. Also, you do not like to climb into leadership positions, you play well in a team. You literally know how to heal with words – you can calm down, help.

Learn separation from others, develop intuition, learn to analyze the situation and protect yourself from energy vampires.

3 Arkan — Empress

If you were born with this card in the date of birth, it means that you have a large reserve of vitality, you intuitively know how to grow towards motherhood, creating a family. For people born with the Empress Arcana in the date, family, children, order and harmony in the family play an important role. People, both men and women, are very hospitable. You also know how to handle money, most likely, you have a cushion of financial security. Life can give you everything you want: a happy family, love, money, success.

Know the measure, don’t be greedy. Learn to create and bring beauty to people and the world, as well as to realize yourself.

4 Arcanum – Emperor

This card characterizes a powerful, active and very confident person. This person is a born leader, the soul of the company, a boss and a leader . The character can be explosive, hot-tempered, but at the same time the person has a practical character, an analytical mind. This person appreciates order in everything, often succeeds, knows how to build a career.

You need to develop, but honestly. Fight laziness and procrastination, but at the same time learn to rest. Fight with pride. Learn to control emotions.

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5 Arcanum – High Priest

This is a card related to karma, you need to be careful with it, and a person born under its auspices came to Earth with a pure soul, untainted by bad deeds. In a past life, you were most likely a saint or helped people. In this life, you also feel a desire for kindness. You are a good leader, a good speaker, and have all the potential to become a teacher in every sense of the word.

Do not do bad deeds, do not fall into pride, because from the top the universe can quickly throw you to the bottom. Learn honesty, deepen your knowledge and do everything that depends on you to live better and not disturb anyone.

6 Arcanum – Lovers

You are a kind and peaceful person, you are calm, you love everyone and wish no one harm. But you often face difficult choices in life. For example, between two men, two career paths. It is difficult for you to make a choice, and that is normal. You also have refined taste, you love beauty and art, you can see beauty and beauty in everything. You dress very stylishly, you know how to communicate with people in such a way that they want to become your friends.

Learn to make the right and balanced choice. Respect your partner and relationships, learn honesty and loyalty, and learn to distinguish infatuation from love.

7 Arcanum – Chariot

You know how to set a goal, and then run towards it. It is important for you to achieve everything, especially to win. You are brave, confident, you don’t give up so easily and you don’t give up halfway. Even if you hit an obstacle, you can get up and continue on your way. You are a good team player, you like to take risks. And you also have a rich destiny, which is full of various events and adventures. Your life is not threatened by serious problems, usually negative events just end with a slight scare.

Control your anger, meditate. Learn to be a leader.

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8 Arcana – Strength

You are a fighter by nature, you know how to defend not only your rights, but also those of others. You are brave, courageous, you often take risks, but you often take risks for no reason. You cannot bear injustice, violence. You are strong, energetic, emotional, explosive. But it is difficult to find a common language with you. You often have problems with your personal life, because you are jealous, explosive, dramatic.

You need to learn to develop your intelligence and courage at the same time. Work on aggression, be able to defend yourself with words.

9 Arcanum – Hermit

You are a closed person, often an introvert . You like to be alone, it is difficult for you to make contact with others. You are uncomfortable at noisy parties, noisy events. You function perfectly in peace and quiet. You are wise, you often philosophize, you try to find answers to all questions. You are serious, practical and take everything seriously and with full responsibility.

You need to work more on gloom, withdrawal and social fears. Create optimism, do not close yourself off from people. Make friends.

10 Arcanum – Wheel of Fortune

You feel like the darling of fate, you are constantly learning, you have a progressive mind, you move through life quickly and with success at hand. Bright events are your destiny. People who have this Tarot Arcanum as patrons are usually born with good karma from a past life. Such a person is a dreamer and a traveler, an appreciator of everything new and culture, art. Fortune is success and money, material comfort.

But you need to devote more time to new impressions and desires. Always learn something new, don’t let yourself just go with the flow.

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11 Arcana — Justice

You have high leadership qualities, you love justice in everything and always try to protect the rights of others. You have a penchant for jurisprudence. But the government can spoil you. You are often tempted by abuse of power. As a rule, you have a sharp mind, you are strong-willed. You are hard to break.

Work on your decency, always act decently and you won’t get into trouble.

12 Arcana – The Hanged Man

You are soft, kind, you often help people, you like to take care of the weak. You like to devote yourself to your family and children, you often forget about yourself and are ready to get out of your skin in order to please, hug and pigeonhole everyone. It is difficult for you to assess the situation and events, you can rarely distinguish between good and bad, your kindness is often taken advantage of.

You need to develop critical thinking, check everything several times.

Arcana 13 – Death

People born under this card often live from change to change, during their life there are several incredible transformations. It does not always go smoothly, often such people change their circle of communication, lose friends and find new ones. Life’s trials fall on such people like peas from a holey bag. But at the same time you are wise, intellectual. You have a rich inner world, a strong imagination.

Develop your intuition and resilience, willpower.

14 Arcanum — Temperance

You are a calm and balanced person, always tolerant of people. You can be called a wise angel, because you are gentle, you hate conflicts and quarrels. You strive for harmony in everything, you know how to listen to people, give advice, even if the situation is difficult. And you always have an incredible intuition and sense of proportion.

Develop your intuition and don’t forget that equanimity is not coldness.

15 Arcanum is the Devil

People born under the card of the Devil are charismatic leaders, attractive even if they do not invest in beauty standards. The life of such people is full of love stories, they always have something to tell, but they do not like to reveal their secrets. Mystical mystery, charm, achievement and success in financial matters are all about such people.

But you need to be very careful and practice moderation. If a person is not moderate, he can be taken over by passions.

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16 Arcanum – Tower

You are the builder of your life, you can create and build anything: a career, a love story. You always reach heights and realize yourself. The main thing is to remember that whoever sits high can fall from a height and break his forehead. Be careful with your wishes.

Learn to stand tall with dignity, don’t be proud and a snob. Practice altruism.

17 Arcana – Star

You are calm and balanced, you like to communicate with people, you easily find a common language and everyone likes you. You usually have many friends, admirers, and acquaintances. You have many talents, you are very talented: you dance, you sing, you write – you do everything.

Don’t splurge on everything in a row, choose one thing and start developing. Your potential will bring you success.

18 Arkana — Moon

You have incredible imagination, creative potential. Unlike people born under the Arcanum of the Star, people who are helped by the Arcanum of the Moon are more active, bright, oriented towards communication with people. Usually, such people do well in the field of psychology. You also have a strong intuition, you can always intuitively find the right path, give wise advice to loved ones. You know how to support and listen – for that, loved ones love you.

Develop empathy, but do not forget that you need to protect yourself from emotional vampires.

19 Arcana – Sun

You are a bright and strong personality, you always shine a light on everyone, a smile never leaves your face. You are an extrovert . You are optimistic, and this inspires your colleagues, relatives, relatives and loved ones. Even in the most difficult situation, you can find a way out because you never give up. You love children, your own and others. But sometimes you can be despotic, too domineering.

In order not to become the negative side of your Arcana, you need to develop your moderation, the ability to keep balance.

20 Arkana – Last Judgment

In your past life, you earned excellent karma, so you should be very attentive and careful in this life so as not to spoil it. In this life, you often receive gifts from fate. Your temperament is calm and balanced, you almost never panic. You love people, you try to find the key to them. You also have a high intuition. But despite all this, you are somewhat insecure, you often suffer from impostor syndrome .

Learn to listen to your inner voice, trust your intuition. She will help you cope with all dangers and troubles.

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21 Arcanum – World

You bring light energy, wisdom into the world. Your life is usually full of unexpected and pleasant gifts from the universe. You are a very wise person, and you always get what you ask for in the world, so believe in your wishes and know how to spell them correctly. With great freedom of will comes great responsibility, so you should do evil deeds and spoil your karma as little as possible.

Learn to make a wish correctly and address requests to the universe.

22 Arkana – Jester

You are a special person in all matters. The jester in the Tarot deck has the number zero, it is completely pure and begins its journey. And you, as a person, are the same. You are open to new things, you love novelty and travel – spiritual or literal. You are extraordinary and talented, creative. It is difficult for you to choose one path, so you often do several things at the same time. Be careful with your words! Your wishes have the power to come true, so do not wish harm on anyone.

Use your abilities only for good, cultivate morality, spirituality. Be principled and consistent.

And which tarot card corresponds to your date of birth? Answer in the comment!

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