Young beyond her years: 75-year-old Florida woman on the connection between veganism and aging

Annette led a vegetarian lifestyle for 54 years, but after that time she improved her diet to veganism, and then to a raw food diet. Naturally, her plant-based diet does not include animal products, and all the food she consumes is not thermally processed. The woman loves raw nuts, raw zucchini “chips”, spicy chili, and does not consume honey, as it is a fermentation product of nectar by bees. Annette says it’s never too late to start enjoying the benefits of a vegan lifestyle for yourself.

“I know I won’t live forever, but I’m trying to live well,” says Annette. “If you eat something in its natural raw state, it makes sense that you get more nutrients.”

Annette grows most of her vegetables, herbs and fruits in the backyard of her Miami-Dade home in South Florida. From October to May, she harvests a crop rich in lettuce, tomatoes and even ginger. She takes care of the garden herself, which she says keeps her busy.

Annette’s husband Amos Larkins is 84 years old. He takes medication for high blood pressure and diabetes. It wasn’t until 58 years of marriage that he caught his wife’s wave and switched to a vegan diet himself. He regrets not doing it sooner.

“Oh my God, I feel much better. With blood pressure now everything is normal!” Amos admitted.

Annette has written three books on the path to a healthy lifestyle and has appeared on several television and radio shows, including The Steve Harvey Show and Tom Joyner Morning Show. She has her own, where you can order her books and greeting cards, which she makes herself, and a channel on, where she publishes her interviews.  

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