Why visitors to the country of Kenya fall in love with her irrevocably

Kenya is truly one of the most wonderful places on Earth. Many tourists are fascinated by this strange place every day, it is so rich in beauty. From the sandy beaches of Mombasa and the picturesque landscapes of the Great Rift Valley to the exotic wildlife, Kenya is a country worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Let’s take a closer look at what the nature and culture of this country can offer us. Thanks to the mixture of different cultures, from Masai to Swahili, as well as the close interweaving of all other cultures of the country, you will be convinced of its unprecedented diversity. Kenyans are very hospitable, and their customs will seem rather funny to you. They are known for their unselfish concern for the people around them, in the sense that people in the communities are very close-knit, friendly and ready to help. For foreigners, life in Kenya comes with freedom. The fact is that in many countries life is regulated by an inexhaustible number of rules and restrictions that have to be reckoned with. While in Kenya you can feel the beauty of life, what is called “out of the system”. The rhythm here is calm and measured. With its steadily growing economy, Kenya is the capital of East Africa and offers many investment opportunities. There are quite a few foreigners who have chosen Kenya as their permanent residence. At the same time, many people, thinking about life in Africa, are puzzled by their safety and well-being. It is worth noting that Kenya has never participated in a civil war, which makes it a more stable country relative to other African countries. Where else can you enjoy a sandy beach and a wild Safari at the same time? Whether you prefer to lie by the ocean while sipping a Pinacolada or you are a wild nature adventurer, in Kenya you will have the opportunity to experience both without having to travel far. Most foreigners prefer the city of Mombasa for its beautiful beaches and humid climate, there is no such hustle and bustle as in the capital of the country – Nairobi. By the way, about the climate. It is tropical and attractive to those who are tired of the cold and snow of the northern latitudes. There is no need for a coat, boots and a ton of clothes, in exchange for this you get a dose of warm southern sun and a tanned body. For lovers of mountain tourism, Kenya also has something to offer. Mount Kenya, proximity to the highest mountain in Africa – Kilimanjaro, conquering them, you will be covered with a truly adrenaline wave. There are also places for rock climbers to their liking. The sweet aroma of Kenyan tea, the feeling of closeness and unity, all these impressions you will cherish in the memory of a beautiful African country. Rest assured, there is never a dull moment in Kenya!

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