Dream about an Angel – meaning

Angels in a dream are a rather ambiguous, but definitely rare sign. Most people who have had such a vision will have a desire to know what it means.

Angels are light incorporeal beings that bring good news and protect people throughout their life path. Angels who dreamed at night are considered by dream books as a symbol of peace and spiritual development. Try to remember as many details as possible from your dream (what the angel said, how it appeared, what it did, etc.), and then we can understand what the angel is talking about in your dream.

According to the Bulgarian seer, seeing an angel in a dream is a good sign. Quiet and very happy times await you. To dream of an angel above the head of someone close to you is a harbinger of the fact that soon the soul of this person will depart to another world. If in a dream you see an angel behind the back of a person unknown to you, then in a not so distant time you will receive unexpected news of the death of a high-ranking, noble person personally known to you.

If you dreamed that you were an angel, then such a dream means that you should think about how you spend the income that your activity brings. You need to think about your neighbors and share your profits with them, as you may lose your wealth.

If in a dream an angel calls you to heaven, then such a dream warns you of a serious illness that threatens your body. Contact your doctors.  

Seeing angels in a dream is a prophecy about a change in the conditions of a person’s fate, which can confuse your soul. If the dream is unusually pleasant, then you will hear good news from friends or receive an inheritance from unknown relatives. Such a dream comes as a warning sign – the sleeper can expect the threat of a scandal over love or money issues. For sinful people, such a dream is a demand to repent, and for good people, angels appear in a dream for comfort.

If in a dream you see an angel, this is a very good omen for you and means that soon you will make some new discovery for you. He followed in a dream portend a long life and indicate that almost all the time you will enjoy excellent health, both physically and mentally.

When in a dream you are among the angels, Freud’s dream book portends an improvement in your financial situation for you, but it is not known exactly how this will happen – you will receive an additional source of income.

The messenger of heaven is a harbinger of impending problems. Solving them on your own will be difficult. It is worth enlisting the support of loved ones.

Seeing an angel in a dream is a sign of calm and peace. There will come a time when all people will live happily. If you dreamed that you were an angel, then such a dream means that one of the people close to you really needs your help and you are able to help him.

If in a dream an angel calls you to heaven, the dream warns of a serious illness that threatens you or one of your relatives.

To dream of a city in which angels live – such a dream indicates that in the future your life will somehow come into contact with a state with the beautiful name of Taiwan (Taiwan in translation means the city of angels).

An angel, according to Evgeny Tsvetkov, is a very favorable sign that predicts well-being. Especially if an angel flies over the house – wait for the blessed news. Seeing several angels is an honor or even an unexpected inheritance.

However, talking to an angel in a dream or calling him in a dream means that the death of a friend awaits you in life.

If they themselves reported something, then in reality they will meet a very rare person.

If an angel in a dream changes the color of its wings from white to black, it means that terrible events, huge problems will begin in your life, as a result of which you will lose your position in society, your love.

If one of the deceased relatives appears to you in the form of an angel, it means that they patronize you and bless you for new good deeds.

 If an angel dreams of a small child, you will soon be replenished in the family, if you have children, they will be healthy and will delight their parents every day.

If the angel is tired and leans on one wing, you will also get tired of the daily routine, but you will be thanked for your work.

After a dream about an angel, you should not enter into conflicts and you should not do rash acts – you can be severely punished for them from above. It is better to act according to conscience and according to common sense.

But what Eastern esotericists say:

If someone sees close angels in a dream in joy, pleasure, in a good state and good disposition, that person will reach a high place and honorable dignity in matters of religion and in worldly affairs, and the gates of knowledge and wisdom will open before his face, and from all disasters he will will be safe.

And if the one who sees such a dream is sick, then he will receive healing, and if he is obsessed with fear or sorrow, then he will be completely freed from them. And if someone sees that he is fighting with one of the angels, especially with Azrael or Michael, this means that his death is close.

If someone sees in a dream that he is flying with angels, he will receive the honors and glory of a miracle worker as a gift, and in the end his lot will be martyrdom for faith. If anyone sees that many angels have gathered in a city or village, some scholar or pious person will soon die in that place, or some person will be killed in a violent and cruel way. If someone sees that angels from all sides are gathering in his dwelling, then the building should be protected from thieves.

Seeing an angel with wings in a dream is good luck in business. You will cope with a difficult task or a wise decision will dawn on you. This will help you achieve success that you have ceased to count on. Don’t give up. Believe in your strengths and capabilities. Keep working on your endeavors, even if others consider them hopeless.

Seeing a guardian angel in a dream is a good sign. You and your family will be under the protection of higher powers. Troubles and illnesses will bypass your family. Let go of fears and doubts. In the near future, nothing bad threatens you. Enjoy happiness and harmony in the circle of loved ones.

The plot in which you saw an angel in human form portends good news. A friend or family member will bring you news that you will be happy about. Such news may have a positive effect on your future life. Be attentive to what you hear. Don’t miss the news that can dramatically change your future.

The plot, in which the angel of death was present, always carries a negative meaning. A series of ridiculous accidents will happen in your life, which will bring many deaths, hardships, disappointments and tears. Any attempts to resist them will be futile.

The black angel predicts a difficult choice. You will rush between several options, experiencing deep mental anguish. Time will help put everything in its place. For a girl, such a dream speaks of the appearance of two persistent admirers. Hurry up to choose one of them, you will be disappointed in men. If a woman saw a black angel, her current relationship has completely outlived itself. Break up with the person you can’t stand to wake up next to.

A plot about a black angel should make a man give up romantic intentions. The girl you have chosen will not agree to connect her life with you. However, there are those around who would be an excellent match for you.

A child angel appears in dreams only to kind and decent people. You live according to the commandments of the Lord and resist evil in every possible way. For the purity of thoughts, higher powers will reward you with a happy event or good news.

A male angel symbolizes protection, support and understanding on the part of a strong-willed person. He will play an important role in solving an important issue or your spiritual development.

A young angel appeared in a dream – it means that in reality you do not have to cry and grieve. Soon you will hear good news or gain useful experience. It will spiritually enrich and set you apart from those around you.

Becoming an angel in a dream is evidence that someone from your inner circle needs you. It is possible that you will have to help a friend make a vital decision or bother because of the problems of a younger brother.

Another interpretation of sleep prophesies lack of money. It will arise against the background of your extravagance and inability to plan your budget. Hold off on major purchases and travel. Also, people who were angels in a dream are considered arrogant and conceited in life. People around you treat you with fear and contempt.

An angel calling to heaven promises a deterioration in well-being. Respiratory diseases or exacerbation of a chronic illness are likely.

The kiss of an angel is a signal that you have gone the wrong way. You could make a mistake with the choice of life calling, friends or soulmate. Look inside yourself to see where you went wrong.

An angel above the head of a loved one warns of the danger that hangs over him. Soon you may find out about his terminal illness or accident, which will not give him a single chance of survival.

If the angel smiled in a dream, fate will bring you to a new love. Your chosen one will be an honest and devoted person. There is a possibility that you will go down the aisle with him.

I dreamed that an angel was crying – take a look at yourself from the outside. You lead an immoral lifestyle, step over the norms of the law, or mentally wish someone evil. The evil you have created will return a hundredfold.


Angels portend changes, changes in your destiny. It is important to remember what mood the dream had: if it is cheerful and bright, then the changes will be successful, you may receive good news or an inheritance; and if in general the atmosphere of the dream was sad and depressing, and the angel’s face was somehow mournful, then this calls you to repentance and says that you will worry a lot about something, although in reality everything is better than you seems.

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