Dream about seeing yourself naked – meaning

Dreams can be pleasant, or they can be quite embarrassing. Why dream of being naked? Is this a good sign or not?

Probably no one wants to walk down the street to find themselves without clothes, even if it happened only in a dream. Seeing yourself naked in a dream – what is it for? For a correct interpretation, remember the details of what you saw. Where did you see yourself without clothes? What did you feel about it? What was the reaction of others to your appearance?

Also remember the events shortly before the dream and your emotions at the same time. As any dream book will tell you, seeing yourself naked in a dream is closely related to the psychological characteristics of a girl or woman, her hopes, fears and anxieties. In the area of ​​uXNUMXbuXNUMXbrecently experienced emotions, it is worth looking for an answer, which means this is a night dream.

The Bulgarian seer believed that being naked in front of others in a dream and feeling a sense of shame and a desire to hide behind speaks of the need to ask for forgiveness from those whom you offended. If in real life you have committed many bad deeds, and do not repent of them, then after such a dream, expect imminent trouble. If you are an honest and modest person, and you are aware of what you have done, then forgiveness awaits you. If in reality you are a greedy person, then a great disappointment awaits you ahead.

According to Miller’s dream book, soon after such a dream, you will have to fight with yourself. Life will tempt you in every possible way, so be prepared to resist temptations and gather all your will into a fist. Another interpretation of nudity in a dream is quarrels.

For a woman to suddenly understand in a dream that you are naked, and looking for something to hide behind, portends that you will try to overcome your base desires.

For a girl to admire her naked body in a dream suggests that she will be surrounded by the attention of many men, but will not be able to keep her chosen one.

If a girl is dissatisfied with her body, then she will soon be drawn into a scandalous situation.

Swimming in a dream naked in clear water promises to know forbidden love, for which punishment will soon follow.

Seeing in a dream a lot of naked men in clear water promises a large number of fans.

A dream in which a girl bathes in dirty water portends that a rejected man will spread dirty rumors about her.

Seeing your nakedness in a dream portends illness or poverty. It can also symbolize a dissolute lifestyle. A naked loved one in a dream portends quarrels. To see a naked handsome man in a dream – to wealth and health.

According to Loff’s dream book, such a dream means that in reality you may feel slight ailments and not pay attention to them. This is wrong – it is better to visit a doctor so that later you do not suffer from serious illnesses

According to the dream book of Nostradamus, such a dream warns of danger.

For a man, standing naked on the street dreams of expanding his social circle, but being naked at home means relaxing in a male company.

For a married woman to see herself naked from the outside – to betray her husband.

A person who sees himself naked in a dream is approaching illness and serious problems. I had a chance to run naked – in reality, one should prepare for the deterioration of love relationships.

Seeing yourself naked in a dream according to an esoteric dream book is a disease that you want to hide.

Seeing a lot of naked people – to war or death in a disaster.

Children – to the loss of loved ones.

According to the Islamic dream book, such a dream portends a conflict with loved ones.

Nakedness in a dream is a symbol of embarrassment and shame. To be naked in a dream in an inappropriate environment means to feel “naked” and “disarmed” in front of people. One interpretation is that in reality you are often subject to feelings of shame, embarrassment and the need to “cover your nakedness”. You are afraid to be in a situation in which others will discuss your actions and judge them. This may characterize you as a complex person.

Another interpretation of what dreams of being naked in a dream is that you really have something to be ashamed of in reality. Then a dream in which you feel shame when you find yourself naked in a public place reflects your fear of being exposed.

The absence of clothes in a dream also reflects a state of nervousness. Being naked in front of people in a dream can speak of nervous tension before an important event. Perhaps soon you have to speak in public, make a presentation at work, take an exam before a commission or participate in competitions, and you are afraid of failure. Believe in your abilities, try to calm down and prepare well for the upcoming event, and then everything will work out!

For a young girl to see herself naked in a dream means the fear of being misunderstood or ridiculed among her peers. It may also indicate a desire to hide one’s real feelings and thoughts from one’s parents for fear of their disapproval. Another interpretation of the dream is that in reality you are surrounded by people whose behavior you do not approve of, but because of the fear of being rejected, you hide your opinion. You need to understand that such fears will interfere with the development of your individuality and personality as a whole. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Being naked in a dream for a young girl can also mean a fear of intimacy. Most often, such a dream is seen by girls during puberty and awareness of their own sexuality.

Seeing yourself as a naked woman in a dream can mean a desire to free yourself and escape from routine life. Perhaps, under the weight of daily worries and responsibilities, you forgot about yourself. The dream encourages you to throw off unnecessary shackles, return to a natural relaxed state and rest. If you see yourself naked in a dream only from the back, this means a loss of inner strength. The dream of seeing yourself naked also says that in the near future you should not give advice to other people or lend money. Seeing a naked person in your house in a dream promises to meet a lover. Seeing yourself naked in a bath portends an early marriage, and for married women, a husband’s illness.

If you dream that you were running naked, this indicates that in reality you had to leave your comfort zone. Such a dream reflects the fear of the unknown. Remember that getting into new situations, on the contrary, increases your opportunities and expands your horizons, you just need to gain courage so as not to retreat.

A dream in which you are naked on the beach, in a forest among trees, or anywhere in the company of other naked people, suggests that you will find yourself in an awkward situation, but you will not be alone in it. You will be supported and protected.

Swimming naked in the pool can portend good health.

Seeing yourself naked among animals in a dream promises a meeting with like-minded people. In their company you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

To be naked with a child is to expect an accident, possibly the death of a loved one.

Seeing a pandemonium of naked people is a bad sign. Beware of accidents, car accidents, loved ones may suffer from them.

To be without clothes in a deserted, quiet place – to achieve harmony, find peace of mind, balance.

Seeing yourself naked at home and at the same time feeling a sense of comfort is a dream that you feel good with your family. You are not deprived of support and care. Your loved ones love you for who you really are, and you don’t have to pretend to be someone else. Also, a dream can portend strong family relationships.

If the feeling of nakedness in the house is disturbing, then, on the contrary, you do not feel closeness and trust in the family. You are forced to hide your feelings from loved ones, fearing quarrels and reproaches. A dream may portend family disagreements.

A dream in which you study your naked body in front of a mirror indicates that you need to think and understand yourself. Do you put your opinion ahead of others? Or do you give too much importance to the opinions of others? Perhaps you are in search of a new image.

If you find yourself naked on the street, such a dream will tell you about your relationship with other people. If you are trying to hide or hide as soon as possible, this means your fear of getting close to new people. If in a dream in such a situation you feel confident, then, on the contrary, you are an open person, you easily get close to new people.

If other people in a dream did not pay attention to you, then in reality you experience a lack of it. You feel like they don’t notice you. A dream may portend that in the near future you will finish work on an important project, but you will not receive encouragement for this. You need to gain confidence and assert yourself, otherwise you will continue to be ignored and deprived of the respect you deserve.

If other people laughed at you, this is a sign of imminent disappointment. You will be betrayed or deceived, which will hurt you greatly and may even cause depression. Such a dream may symbolize the fear that your shortcomings will be ridiculed in public. Being ridiculed in a dream also means being in reality in a deeply depressed state.

If you dream that others are looking at you or looking at you, this means the fear of being in the spotlight. In real life, you are embarrassed to be in sight, trying to be like everyone else. A dream may also indicate that soon you will be in confused feelings. If they point a finger at you, then soon someone will blurt out your secrets and secrets.

Participate in a striptease session – soon become a participant in an unexpected event that will bring significant changes. When the performance consists of the exposure of several people, then the dreamer expects a warm, trusting relationship among relatives.

Swimming without clothes – expect your love, which is about to appear. Expect to swim on the waves of tenderness and passion, which will be especially pleasant for single unmarried women.


Being naked in a dream means that in reality you feel a sense of vulnerability. It is worth asking yourself the question, do you have too much fear in real life? Being careful is normal and even good. But the fear generated by self-doubt leads to bad consequences. Be confident in your abilities, believe in yourself, then others will believe in you.

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