Dream about a marriage proposal – meaning

If a girl dreams of a proposal to marry, this can promise not only joyful changes.

An offer, an engagement, a wedding – in real life, these are always positive and long-awaited events. But if a girl dreams of a proposal to marry, this can promise not only joyful changes. We will find out which ones, along with dream books.

Not a single event in her life is expected by a girl or woman as much as a wedding – perhaps only the birth of a child is more desirable. A beautiful dress, a snow-white veil, gold rings, crystal champagne glasses, beaming smiles on the faces of the bride and groom – does this picture evoke the warmest feelings?

And if you often dream of a proposal to marry with a ring, then it is quite possible that this is a projection of your desires: most likely, you want to hear the cherished words of the proposal from your chosen one. Another thing is if you dream of a proposal to marry a married woman. Or a marriage proposal comes from a well-known person. Why is this happening? Let’s deal with the predictors.

The Bulgarian soothsayer considered a dream with a proposal to marry a good sign that portends marriage in real life. If you are already our young man – wait for an offer, but if you have not yet met your soul mate – soon fate will give you this chance. Also, such a dream can say that you will soon begin a new life, and all those problems that caused a lot of trouble before will sink into oblivion and will no longer designate themselves.

The wedding that you see in a dream from the outside is a sign that a serious problem will appear in real life: you will have to look for an urgent solution. At the same time, it can completely change your life – both negatively and positively. If you dream of someone else’s wedding, then your relationship with your loved one is not as strong as it might seem, and full of uncertainty and uncertainty. Too little male attention goes to your person, and for this you are ready to do anything for the sake of a person who, perhaps, is not worthy of you. It is worth reconsidering your behavior and it will only benefit you.

If a girl dreams about how she is getting married, this means that she is already tired of loneliness and dreams of finding a soul mate, but does not dare to take the first step. If you can’t listen to the voice of your subconscious, you can turn to psychologists. Also Gustav Hindman Miller believed that if in a dream a girl tries on a wedding dress and shows it to people around her, then she needs recognition and attention.

 Go out to people more often and do not hide your talents. If you dream of an offer to marry from a friend, it just means that you have made the right and good choice, and everything will be fine in your personal life.

Sigmund Freud I am sure: if you dream of a marriage proposal, then in reality you are not satisfied with your personal life and especially its intimate side. Most likely, you have already had a negative experience and are afraid of betrayal a second time, or are too notorious to allow yourself to relax and follow desires. If in a dream you see yourself in a wedding dress, then you are a narcissistic and selfish person who has his own needs in the first place. Well, it’s not as bad as it seems.

And if you try on a wedding dress and show it to people around you, it means that you are satisfied with your body, it gives you pleasure. If you dream of a proposal to marry a married woman, then it’s time to think about changes in your personal life or reconsider your relationship with your husband or men. If in a dream you dream that you are marrying an ex – do not cling to the past, you cannot return it. Let go of the events that hurt you and boldly step into a new beautiful life. If you dream of a proposal to marry a pregnant woman, then such a dream promises all sorts of troubles.

David Loff believed: if a girl has a dream that she accepts an offer to marry, is present at the wedding ceremony and receives genuine pleasure from her, this means good luck and a happy marriage, as well as a speedy resolution of exciting issues and solving problems. If such a dream leaves behind painful sensations, then the dreamer will have to face the fact that the solution of an important issue for her will be delayed. If the proposal to marry in a dream disappoints you, you realize that you have been deceived, or an unloved man does this, then your hopes will be in vain, and your plans will not come true.

Nostradamus in the interpretation of sleep with a marriage proposal was brief. He believed that a marriage proposal was in the dream of the appearance of a friend or the patronage of a rich and influential person. From this, your life in the near future may change for the better, you have nothing to fear. Another interpretation of such a dream according to Nostradamus is that someone from your inner circle will unexpectedly and pleasantly surprise you.

Psychologist Evgeny Tsvetkov I was sure that for the most accurate interpretation of sleep, it is important to remember the details of how you were proposed to marry. If this was done in public, unfortunately, sadness and failure await you. If in a dream you are discussing your upcoming marriage, you may face difficulties in resolving business and work issues. It is worth preparing for this in advance and thinking about how best to solve the difficulties that have arisen or prevent their occurrence. If a stranger proposes to marry, this may indicate that you are experiencing certain difficulties in communicating with your partner and are not sure that you are meant for each other.

Esotericists believe that such a dream can develop according to several plot options. If you dream that you are being proposed, this means that in reality love awaits you. If girlfriends play the main role of sleep, this will mean that you will soon have to start a family. A married woman dreams of a marriage proposal – a hint that her husband is cheating on her. But if in a dream the proposal is made by the current spouse, then passion and romance will flare up between them again. If in your dream the proposal to marry comes from a stranger, then this means that everything will be fine in your personal life.

The Islamic dream book says that a marriage proposal can lead to an early disappointment in a person important to you. Probably, at the most unexpected moment, your trust will be deceived. If you were offered marriage in the fall – to get acquainted with a wealthy and influential groom. To attend a wedding as a guest is a dream, which means that you will have a new source of income in reality.

Crying with joy – to receive sincere emotions, positive changes in life, holidays, a long-awaited trip.

To be sad or furious at the proposal is to succumb to disputes and disagreements.

To run away after hearing the words with a proposal to marry – you will commit an irresponsible act.

To delay the answer – to miss a new job or position, which you will regret. Or miss out on a good opportunity.

Kissing or hugging a man for joy – to good luck and a good marriage.

To answer with a slap in the face – to unpleasant life events that will prevent you from realizing what you want.

Do not agree with the offer, but try on the ring – the cherished goal or desire will be realized, but will not bring proper satisfaction.

Laughing at a guy is a disappointment.

Return the engagement ring – you will find a discord in the relationship, which can lead to divorce.

Being in a white dress at the time of the proposal is a harbinger of an imminent illness.

Looking forward to marriage proposals – to health problems.

Answer categorically “No” – to unrequited love

If you wanted to refuse, but agreed to get married – to fame, fame, popularity, which will not necessarily be good.

Accepting an offer to marry over the phone is a family disagreement.

A declaration of love and a subsequent proposal – to solve material problems.

If the words with a proposal to marry sound from a celebrity – to nostalgia, longing for past relationships or home.

If you hear them from a person you do not love – to a relationship with a jealous person, and if from a dead person – to quarrels in your husband because of betrayal on his part.

If the proposal to marry in a dream is made by a guy who likes – to the emergence of a new hobby, and if an outsider is older than you – to obstacles on the way to the goal.

Well, if suddenly the president makes an offer to marry – it happens! – such a dream is a dream for replenishment in the family.

If, when proposing a hand and heart, they give you a huge diamond – to reconciliation with a friend, a bouquet of roses – to a good job, a ring that turned out to be large – to a happy marriage, two rings at once and one of them is suitable for long-term loneliness, a ring with green stone – to deception, which is small and presses – to experiences. And if the ring has a black stone – to receive good news.

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