Potato. To eat or not to eat?

What caused such attacks on potatoes? Of course, from scratch, the reputation of not being the most useful vegetable would not have been deserved by the potato. It’s all about its basic properties that affect the health of our body.

Most of the potatoes are starchy substances. Starch is an almost completely indigestible substance for us. Our body is not able to absorb it in its original form, for this a lot of chemical reactions must occur, as a result of which starch turns into simple sugars, it is them that our gastrointestinal tract is able to digest. It seems that there is nothing wrong with this, but in fact it is a very complex and energy-intensive process, the duration of which is from 2 to 4 hours. That is why after eating potatoes we feel lethargy, apathy, because all the forces of our body at this time are directed to the processing of starch. Moreover, this transformation process inhibits the vitamins and microelements of our body; without their participation, digestion cannot be carried out. It turns out that by eating potatoes, we literally rob ourselves of vitamins and microelements.

Another reason why potatoes are included in the “black list” is its detrimental effect on the condition of our intestines. The fact is that potatoes, just like refined flour, turning into a sticky mass, stick around the thin villi of our intestines, thereby blocking their work. The result of this effect is predictable – our body begins to poorly absorb vitamins and trace elements. Moreover, this paste in the intestines as a result of dehydration can later turn into fecal stones that disable the work of our intestines, and hence the health of the whole organism.

 – here is another reason for the dislike of potatoes by many nutritionists. A baked potato has a glycemic index of 95, higher than honey and sugar! What happens when you use such a product? The blood sugar level immediately rises. The body is forced to regulate such a high level of glucose, so it “sends” it to the store, that is, to fat. Therefore, most diets prohibit the use of potatoes.

This is another important point. The main producer of potatoes in the world is China, which means that these products are not without GMOs or at least without chemical fertilizers, which make it possible to quickly collect and grow a large crop in a small area of ​​China. I won’t surprise you if I say that Chinese potatoes are also sold on Russian shelves. Moreover, when buying potatoes in a store, we cannot determine the exact shelf life of the product and find out how long it was stored and under what conditions. When potatoes are stored for a long time, many toxic substances are formed in it that can poison our body.

“How so? – you say, – but what about the vitamins and nutrients contained in this root crop? Yes, of course they are. But they are found mainly in young potatoes. It turns out that the real benefit of this product is less than the harm done to our health.

Delicious potatoes or very unhealthy potatoes?

What to do? After all, potatoes are the basis of the diet of the average Russian. What about the traditions and our national Russian dishes?! But, as many people already know, the potato has never been our original Russian product, and it appeared with us only under Peter the Great. History captured these events under the name “potato riots” – the people opposed the foreign root crop and called it “damn apple”. It can be said that the potato was forcibly introduced into our agriculture and into our culture in general.

What did people eat without our beloved potatoes?! “Grandfather planted a turnip …” – a Russian folk tale tells us that the basis of the diet was turnips and other vegetables rich in vitamins and microelements.

And now what, we have to eat one turnip? In fact, the consumption of potatoes is the same eating habit developed over the years and formed in our childhood. We eat the way it was customary in our families. We have a list of familiar products in our minds that we are used to, and we know what we can cook from them. It turns out that we are afraid to give up potatoes, because we are subconsciously afraid to give up traditions and the usual way of life. Starting something new, reviewing your eating habits is always stressful and inner work on yourself, which not everyone can do.

And now let’s try to summarize everything that has been said. Potato is a product that brings very little benefit and a lot of harm to our body. The best way out of the problem is to completely abandon potatoes, get acquainted with such products as Jerusalem artichoke, sweet potato, turnip. Diversify your diet, learn to cook new dishes without the usual potatoes.

What to do if you do not want to give up potatoes? Then reduce its consumption to the best of your ability. Potatoes should not be the basis of your diet, unless, of course, you do not care about your health. If possible, use young potatoes and cook them in their skins, it is in the “skin” that substances are contained that allow better digestion of potatoes. Use spices and spices in its preparation, for example, coriander, which helps to absorb starchy foods. In general, potatoes do not go well with other products, so it is better to cook and eat them separately as an independent dish. The best time to eat potato dishes is lunch, at which time the power of digestion is maximum, which cannot be said about breakfast and dinner.

A few tips will help you choose the right root crops. It is better to buy potatoes of medium size (large potatoes are often the result of increased chemical processing) with a clean, smooth surface: spots and multiple pits can indicate various diseases of the plant. It is unacceptable to use potatoes with a greenish skin. The same can be said about sprouted potatoes. When using potatoes that have been stored for about three months or more, when peeling it, be sure to remove the peel in a thick layer, it can only be used on young potatoes.

To eat or not to eat – that is the question?! It is up to you to decide this question. I tried to tell you what everyone should know. Now everyone will apply this knowledge in accordance with their desires and capabilities. Be healthy!


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