Where does dirt hide in the house: tips

Where does dirt hide in the house: tips

Do you wash floors, dust off furniture, wash toys every day and think your house is crystal clear? Not at all. The dirt hides in secret places. Together with our consultant Galina Urasova, we compile their rating.

Bathroom – joints between tiles and toothbrushes

Inhabitants: mold and mildew.

What to do: brushes once a week need to be watered with hydrogen peroxide. Rub the joints between tiles with dry mustard, it works as an antiseptic. Rinse the bath once a week with a decoction of potato peel, which will remove dirty deposits and whiten the surface.

Inhabitants: Escherichia coli.

What to do: pour a third of a packet of baking soda into the drain and pour in a little vinegar. Turn on hot water after two minutes.

Inhabitants: any germs.

What to do: dust mixed with droplets of fat – it is easy to wash it off with diluted lemon juice, it disinfects and whitens.

Boxes for fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator

Inhabitants: salmonella, a fungus.

What to do: clean the drawer with detergent diluted with warm water. To eliminate odors, use a solution of warm water and baking soda (1-2 tablespoons of baking soda per liter of water). Perform the procedure once a month. Store washed and unwashed foods separately.

Compartment for meat in the refrigerator

Inhabitants: salmonella, Escherichia coli.

What to do: clean in the same way as the fruit drawer. Do this once a month. Store meat and seafood separately.

Details of blender, coffee maker, electric grinder

Inhabitants: salmonella, Escherichia coli, fungus.

What to do: wash all parts after each use. Dry thoroughly. Wet surfaces are an excellent breeding ground for germs.

Knife stand and canned food opener

Inhabitants: fungus and mold.

What to do: If you wash the stand by hand, use a brush to clean out the knife slots, then rinse the compartments thoroughly with clean running water. Inspect the can opener after washing to make sure there are no food debris left on it.

Inhabitants: salmonella, fungus and mold.

What to do: rinse in hot, soapy water, paying close attention to areas around the rubber pad.

Inhabitants: salmonella.

What to do: replace the wooden board with glass or composite materials such as silicone. The fact is that wood is a porous material, it is almost impossible to wash it well, it absorbs moisture, this creates a favorable climate for the life of microbes.

Computer keyboard and TV remote

Inhabitants: any germs.

What to do: Make a cleaning solution by mixing 100 ml of water, a drop of liquid soap, and 1 tsp. salt. Go over the surface with an old toothbrush.

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