Reasons to become a vegetarian

A person who wants to change his lifestyle for the better and improve his health should think about what he eats. More and more people around the world are finding that avoiding animal products is the most beneficial for their health. Vegetarianism becomes their way of life, the realization comes that a person does not have to kill other living beings for his own food. It’s not just pity for animals that drives people to be vegetarians. There are many reasons for switching to a plant-based diet, but the following are just the strongest reasons for a vegetarian diet.

1. Health benefits.

When switching to vegetarian food (easier in terms of assimilation than meat, eggs and fish), the human body is cleansed of all kinds of toxins and toxins. A person no longer feels heaviness in the stomach after a plentiful meal, and his body does not spend all its energy on digesting heavy meat food. The result is a general improvement in health. It also reduces the risk of poisoning and parasite infection. As mentioned above, the body no longer wastes energy, it works for rejuvenation. Vegetarians look younger compared to those who continue to eat meat. The skin becomes more elastic, acne disappears. Teeth whiten, and extra pounds quickly disappear. There are conflicting opinions, but still most vegans claim that they feel just fine. By the way, vegetarians have a stronger heart and relatively low blood cholesterol levels. According to statistics, vegetarians are less likely to get this terrible disease. Maybe it’s just that their body is actively cleansed when switching to a new diet.

Why am I Vegan? Vegan vegetarian

great and brilliant minds were vegetarians: Bernard Shaw, Einstein, Leo Tolstoy, Pythagoras, Ovid, Byron, Buddha, Leonardo da Vinci and others. Should the list go on to prove the benefits of a vegetarian diet for the human brain? Avoiding meat makes a person more tolerant and kind to others. Not only to people and animals. His whole perception of the world changes, his awareness rises, an intuitive feeling develops. It is difficult for such a person to impose something, for example, to force him to buy a product that he does not need at all. Many vegetarians practice various spiritual practices and take full responsibility for their lives. Although some opponents of vegetarianism spread rumors that a person who eats plant foods becomes irritable and angry, as they are under stress due to the fact that they cannot afford to eat their usual foods and dishes. Which, in fact, is an ordinary addiction or a banal habit. This only happens if the person himself still does not understand why he needs to give up meat.

To raise one cow (several tens of kilograms of meat), you need to spend a lot of natural resources (water, oil products, plants). Forests are cut down for cattle pastures, and most of the crop from sown fields is used to feed animals. While the fruits from the trees and fields could go straight to the table of the hungry peoples of the world. Vegetarianism, as it turns out, is also a way to preserve nature, to protect humanity from self-destruction. Vincent Van Gogh refused to eat meat after he visited the massacres in the south of France. It is the cruelty with which a defenseless animal is deprived of life that provokes a person to think about a possible change in their eating habits. Meat is a product of murder and not everyone wants to feel guilty of the death of another living creature. Love for animals and respect for life is one of the reasons why modern man becomes a convinced vegetarian. Whatever thought moves a person to the path of vegetarianism, caring for his own health or the world around him, such food is becoming more and more popular every year. … However, the transition to vegetarianism should be a deliberate step, and not mindlessly following the “fashion”. And the above reasons are quite enough for this.

If you know any other important reasons for switching to vegetarianism not listed here, please write them in the comments to this article. It will be useful and interesting to other people.


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