What you need to eat for gut health

Disruptions in the bowel affect the well-being of the person. It is believed that the health of the body depends primarily on its condition. Heaviness, bloating, indigestion, slow metabolism – all of this can be combated with proper nutrition.


What you need to eat for gut health

The cause of diarrhea can be an allergic reaction to foods, intolerance to ingredients, toxins, or poisoning. Disorders lead to an imbalance of fluid in the body, deduce from it not only all the water but mineral salts.

The best way to solve this problem – vegetable broth. It will help to compensate for the lack of fluids and salts that are lost. Also, connect the rice, oats, bananas, apples, and carrots — these products will help to cope with the aggravation and soften mucous membranes.

Low metabolism

What you need to eat for gut health

Low metabolism is caused because of the difficulties of the passage of intestinal contents. There is a constant feeling of heaviness, General malaise. Not enough water and fiber in the diet trigger constipation and slow metabolism.

To get rid of it is possible by establishing a drinking water regime. To accelerate metabolism, nutritionists advise eating a teaspoon of Flaxseed oil before food and introducing containing ing fiber, fruits, and vegetables. But meat, fish, fast carbs should be reduced.


What you need to eat for gut health

Excessive gas accumulation in the gut is an unpleasant symptom accompanied by bloating, painful cramps. The reason for this state is the swallowing of air during meals. Also, the intestine malfunction may be associated with dysbiosis or excessive consumption of foods rich in fiber.

Be sure to enter in your diet natural unsweetened yogurt, greens, persimmons, and sprouts. I really need to clean legumes and dairy products.

Gluten intolerance

What you need to eat for gut health

Gluten intolerance (celiac disease) is a rare disease, but in varying degrees, the overabundance of gluten products clogs our intestines. What celiac disease – a congenital disease of the intestine associated with intolerance to the cereal’s protein.

Those suffering from gluten intolerance need to give up all flour, butter, and milk. The main menu should be based on beans, rice, nuts, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

Irritable bowel

What you need to eat for gut health

After treatment with antibiotics, prolonged stress, or allergies as a consequence, you receive irritable bowel syndrome. It can be manifested by bloating, constipation or diarrhea, pain, General weakness.

It would help if you immediately reduce meat, dairy, and legumes completely excluded from the diet white bread. To give the advantage of better fiber, fruit, and vegetables. Pay attention to corn — it has a calming effect on the inflamed mucosa of the intestine.

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