What to do if the child does not eat well – advice from Jamie Oliver

1) Most importantly, don’t make a tragedy out of it. Everything is solvable – you just need to want it. 2) Teach your kids basic cooking skills. Turn learning into a game – kids will love it. 3) Give the child the opportunity to grow some vegetable or fruit on his own. 4) Serve food on the table in new interesting ways. 5) Talk to the children about why it is important to eat right and why food is important for the body. 6) Teach your child to set the table. 7) During a family dinner at home or in a restaurant, take some (healthy in your opinion) dish on a large plate and let everyone try it. 8) Get out into nature with your family as often as possible. In the open air, appetite improves, and we are all less picky about food. Source: jamieoliver.com Translation: Lakshmi

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