What really attracts women in men?

Countless studies have shown that the link between smell and attraction has become part of evolution. The way a person smells (more precisely, what smells the sweat they emit) tells a potential partner how healthy they are. Scientists from Macquarie University in Australia found that women are attracted to the smell of men who follow a plant-based diet and eat more vegetables and fruits than those who prefer refined carbohydrates.

By looking at skin color, the research team estimated the amount of vegetables the young people were eating. To do this, they used a spectrophotometer, which measures the intensity of light emitted by a particular substance. When people eat brightly colored vegetables, their skin takes on a hue of carotenoids, the plant pigments that make food red, yellow, and orange. It turned out that the amount of carotenoids in a person’s skin reflects the amount of fruits and vegetables that he eats.

The male participants were also asked to complete questionnaires so that the scientists could evaluate their eating patterns. They were then given clean shirts and asked to do a series of physical exercises. After that, the female participants were allowed to smell these shirts and evaluate their smell. They were given a list of 21 scent descriptions that showed how strong and healthy the men wearing them were.

Here are some of these factors:

Animal – meaty, greasy smell

Floral – fruity, sweet, medicinal scent

Chemical – the smell of burning, chemicals

Fishy – egg, garlic, yeast, sour, fishy, ​​tobacco smell

The results showed that men who ate more fruits and vegetables were rated by women as more attractive and healthy. The most unattractive odors were found in men who ate a large amount of heavy carbohydrates, and the most intense in meat lovers.

Previous research has shown that the yellowish skin tone caused by carotenoids, which is seen in people who consume a lot of vegetables, is perceived by other people as an attractive shade.

Attractiveness is also affected by the smell from the mouth. This is not a problem that is usually discussed with friends (and sometimes with doctors), but it affects one in four. Bad breath is caused by sulfur-releasing substances. This happens either when cells begin to die and fall apart as part of the natural cell renewal process, or because of bacteria living in the mouth.

It happens that an unpleasant smell is a consequence of improper brushing of teeth or gum disease. There are several other causes of bad breath that you most likely did not even suspect:

  – You don’t clean your tongue

  – talk too much

  – Experience stress at work

  – Often skip meals

  – You have unhealthy tonsils or blocked sinuses

  – You have stomach problems or diabetes

  – You are taking medicine that causes bad breath

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, take care of your health, and don’t be afraid to discuss concerns with your doctor.

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