What is the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian?

Today, we increasingly come across terms such as vegetarian, raw foodist, fruitarian, vegan, lacto vegetarian, etc. It is not surprising that a person who first thinks about their food system can easily get lost in this wild. Let’s see how the two most popular systems differ, namely veganism versus vegetarianism. Vegetarianism is a key concept for a plant-based diet that excludes all or part of animal products. And veganism is just one type of this diet. Sometimes, instead of this word, you can find such a thing as strict vegetarianism.

The main types of vegetarianism are: Thus, to answer the question “how is a vegan different from a vegetarian?”, We just need to describe a vegan.

The main difference is that the diet of a strict vegetarian excludes all types of meat and all products obtained through the exploitation of animals, i.e. dairy products, eggs and even honey. However, a vegan is someone who has changed not only their diet, but also their lifestyle. You will never find leather, wool, suede or silk clothes in a true vegan’s wardrobe. He will never use cosmetics or hygiene products that have been tested on animals. You will not be able to meet a vegan in a circus, aquariums, zoos, pet stores. The vegan lifestyle strongly dislikes entertainment like rodeos or cockfighting, let alone hunting or fishing. The vegan pays more attention to his life, problems of environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources, animal welfare, etc. In other words, the goals and ideas of the vegan are often much more global than the motives of the vegetarian. Of course, you need to clearly know what and why we are doing, but do not cling to definitions. We must not forget that first of all we are all just people, and only then are vegetarians, vegans, etc.

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