How to make meals healthier by using spices



Seasonings can completely change the taste and flavor of all dishes. And each family has preferred spices in the “arsenal,” which are most often used in her kitchen for the diversity of the daily menu. Nutritionists believe that spices can significantly change the diet to more healthy. These useful herbs you should buy that from now on your food brought maximum benefit.

Sage instead of parsley

How to make meals healthier by using spices

Both of these spices contain vitamin K, which normalizes blood clotting and strengthens bones. However, in sage, the concentration of this vitamin is 25 percent higher. This spice is beneficial to the health of people who have Alzheimer’s; it improves memory. Therefore, it is useful to use and people with a daily high mental load.

Ginger instead of nutmeg

How to make meals healthier by using spices

Ginger is a great remedy for stomach disorders; it also has a powerful curative effect on various body parts. The extract of ginger root inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the ovaries. The food he gives spicy flavor in meals with excellent used nutmeg will also be profitable to play.

Oregano instead of thyme

How to make meals healthier by using spices

Oregano contains 6 times more omega-3 fatty acids than the same quantity of thyme, so it quickly regulates blood clotting and reduces heart disease risk. While most oregano, there are many. The largest percentage of antioxidants is in the Mexican variety – it and more fragrant.

Rosemary instead of Basil

How to make meals healthier by using spices

Rosemary is a source of iron and calcium, and specific compounds help treat type 2 diabetes. This seasoning can reduce the dangers of carcinogens that are released in the process of cooking red meat. So rosemary in combination with meat meals which is preferable Basilica.

Cayenne pepper instead of black

How to make meals healthier by using spices

Cayenne pepper is considered a therapeutic herb. It can relieve pain, improve digestion, reduce the development of cancer, and prolong life overall. Cayenne pepper, unlike black, does not provoke the feeling of hunger, but on the contrary, reduces the desire to eat fatty foods.

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