7 Ways to Keep Your Sports Promises

Set a deadline

Whether you signed up for an existing event or set a self-guided goal, it’s best to have a key date in mind. This will help you stay on top of your progress and know that a heavy schedule is not forever.

Team up with others

It is a well-known fact that it is easier for people to achieve their goals if there is support from the outside. Ask your friends or relatives to go to the gym with you. In some halls, you will even be offered a discount for several people. Encourage each other in moments of loss of motivation and fatigue.

Eat right

If you increase the amount of physical activity, then you need to increase and improve your diet accordingly. You simply won’t be able to exercise all the time if you continue to eat like you’re not exercising. And the most tempting will be to quit training. Anticipate this temptation in advance.

Check the box

You can easily find workout plans for a variety of tasks online, from couch workouts to marathons. Check the validity of these plans or make your own with the coach. Print out a suitable plan for yourself and hang it on the wall. At the end of the day, put a checkmark in the sign of the work done. Believe me, it’s very motivating.

Do not worry

If you’re missing a day because you have other obligations or you’re not feeling well, it’s important not to hate yourself because of it. Be realistic and remember that no one is perfect, so there will always be deviations from the plan. Don’t use a mistake as an excuse to give up, use it as a reason to work harder next time. But do not overload yourself in the next workout, do not punish yourself. It will only instill in you a dislike for the sport.

Pamper yourself

When you reach your goal or reach certain milestones along the way, reward yourself. This will help keep you going. Whether it’s a day off or a cheeky bowl of vegan ice cream, you deserve it!

Get involved in charity

The best motivation is to know that while you are getting healthier and more athletic, you are also raising money for a great cause. Choose a charity sporting event and participate in it. Or donate money yourself for each completed stage in the training plan. Agree with friends and family that together you will donate money to charity if you achieve your goals. You can also choose to volunteer – this is also a way of charity. 

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