What happens on organic dairy farms

Disneyland agricultural tourism

The first investigation, published in early June, focused on the Fair Oaks Farm in Indiana, which is called the “Disneyland of agricultural tourism.” The farm offers tours of pastures, museums, restaurants and hotels, and “ensures complete transparency in the day-to-day operations of the dairy farm.” 

According to ARM, their correspondent witnessed animal cruelty “within a few hours.” Video footage shows staff beating newborn calves with metal bars. Workers and managers rested, laughed and joked while sitting on chained calves. Animals kept in small pens did not receive adequate food and water, causing some of them to die.

The founder of the McCloskey farm spoke about the video footage and assured that an investigation is currently underway, “on the facts of which measures will be taken, including the dismissal and criminal prosecution” of those responsible.

organic farm

The second investigation took place at the Natural Prairie Dairies farm, which is considered organic. An ARM correspondent filmed cows being “tortured, kicked, beaten with shovels and screwdrivers” by veterinary technicians and animal care professionals. 

According to ARM, the animals were inhumanly tied up, left in an uncomfortable position for several hours. Correspondents also saw how cows fell into cesspools, nearly drowning. In addition, cows with infected eyes, infected udders, cuts and scrapes, and other problems were not treated. 

Natural Prairie Dairies has not issued a formal response to the investigation. 

What we can do

These investigations, like many others, show how animals exploited for milk suffer on dairy farms, even in successful and “organic” operations. The ethical approach is to refuse the production of milk.

August 22 is World Plant-Based Milk Day, an initiative conceived by English vegan activist Robbie Lockey in collaboration with the international organization ProVeg. Millions of people around the world are ditching milk in favor of healthy and ethical plant-based drinks. So why don’t you join them?

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