Sesame! Why does everyone need it?

Sesame is one of the oldest crops in the world. Currently, it is especially gaining popularity due to the high content of calcium and magnesium. Its history as a natural medicine goes back 3600 years, when sesame was used in Egypt for medicinal purposes (according to the records of Egyptologist Ebers).

It is also believed that the women of Ancient Babylon used a mixture of honey and sesame seeds to preserve their youth and beauty. Roman soldiers ate a similar mixture to give strength and energy. Published in the Yale Journal of Biological Medicine in 2006, a study showed . Replacing all edible oils with sesame oil showed a decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure to normal. In addition, there was a decrease in lipid peroxidation. One of the components of sesame oil responsible for the hypotensive effect are peptides. Sesame seed oil has been used by traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda for thousands of years for oral hygiene. It is believed that rinsing the mouth with sesame oil. Sesame seeds are rich in zinc, a mineral that is essential for collagen production and skin elasticity. Sesame oil softens sunburn and helps with skin diseases. A more detailed list of wonderful properties of sesame:

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