What does your body experience after drinking a can of cola?

After 10 minutes:

The body will feel the strongest effect of ten tablespoons of sugar (which is the daily norm for a person). But thanks to phosphoric acid, excessive sweetness will not be felt. Why do manufacturers use huge amounts of sugar? It turns out that it promotes a rush of dopamine (hormone of happiness). Thus, you literally get hooked on this white “drug”.

After 20 minutes:

The level of glucose in the blood decreases, which is caused by the rapid production of insulin. The reaction of the liver to what is happening is to convert carbohydrates into fat.

After 40 minutes:

Caffeine, which is part of the drink, gradually begins to act on the body. There is a sharp dilation of the pupils and an increase in pressure. The feeling of drowsiness disappears due to the blocking of fatigue receptors.

After 45 minutes:

Dopamine continues to act on the pleasure centers located in the brain. You are in a great mood. In fact, the observed effect is similar to the effect of narcotic substances on the human condition.

In 1 hour:

Orthophosphoric acid binds calcium inside the intestine. This process speeds up metabolism, but at the same time has a negative impact on the condition of your bones.

Etctook over an hour:

Caffeine exhibits diuretic properties. You will want to go to the toilet. Soon you will have a desire to drink or eat something sweet, you will probably want to open another can of American soda. Otherwise, you will become lethargic and somewhat irritable.

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