#Sunsurfers – have you heard of them yet?

What values ​​do sunsurfers convey?

Keep your mind open

Give more than you get (What you give is yours, what is left is gone)

Travel on your own, budget and with meaning (Sunsurfers do good deeds, volunteer, participate in charity events in different countries)

· Do not take a word, check on your own experience (Everything that a sunsurfer hears or says is nothing more than a recommendation for him. He knows how to be critical of the information that surrounds us everywhere).

Refusal of violence and theft, smoking and alcohol

Non-attachment to the material (Minimalism, traveling light with 8 kg in a backpack)

Awareness of the present moment and its uniqueness (Let go of thoughts about the past and the future. The past has already passed, and the future may never come)

Celebrate the success of others

· Constant self-development

The community brings together people who are happy to share their happiness, hugs, knowledge and experience. Once you try to give the best that you have, you can feel that this is one of the most pleasant sensations in life. The sunsurfer community is a great platform to share with the world the value you have: your love, time, attention, skills, money, etc. Who gives more, gets more, and the stories of many guys confirm this.


What activities do sunsurfers do?

sunset is the main offline community event, from which its history began 6 years ago. For 10 or 14 days, about a hundred experienced or just beginning travelers gather in a warm country by the sea to exchange their warmth, experience and knowledge, to fill up with energy in an atmosphere of like-minded people – open, friendly people, free from the problems imposed by society. Each participant of the rally tries to keep an open mind, learns to stay in the present moment, appreciate what is, and not be attached to emotions, places and people. Every day begins with yoga practice in the open air and the rays of the rising sun. From the moment they wake up until the end of the practice, participants remain silent, do not use their phones, and try to keep awareness within. After – a fruit breakfast on the beach, swimming in the sea or ocean, and then lectures and master classes until the evening. They are run by the sunsurfers themselves. Someone talks about their business or remote work experience, someone talks about traveling, climbing mountain peaks, therapeutic fasting, proper nutrition, Ayurveda, Human Design and useful physical practices, someone teaches you how to massage or drink Chinese properly tea. In the evening – musical evenings or kirtans (collective singing of mantras). On other days – forays into the study of the surrounding nature, knowledge of the country’s culture and assistance to local residents.

You are completely free. Everyone chooses the degree of involvement on their own, everything is done only at will, by response. Many even have time to work and do it with pleasure. You are surrounded by smiles, non-judgment, acceptance. Everyone is open, and this creates the feeling that you have been friends for a long time. After the rally, traveling becomes even easier, because you know many people who will gladly host you. And most importantly, in 10 days you shed all that is superfluous, all the burdensome layers, emotions, illusions and expectations that everyone accumulates in everyday life. You become lighter and cleaner. Many find the answers they need and their way. You can come without feeling your own value and discover it day after day. You will find out how much you can actually give to another, how much benefit and goodness you can bring to this world.

The rally is, first of all, beautiful, happy, filled people who are happy to have the opportunity to serve others, to practice karma yoga (perform good deeds, not expecting fruits). Against the backdrop of many wellness and renewal programs that are popular today, the gathering of sunsurfers can be considered free: only a registration fee of $50-60 is taken for participation.

Sunsets take place twice a year, in spring and autumn, when it’s out of season, housing and food prices are falling, and locals make generous discounts. The next, anniversary, already 10th rally will be held on April 20-30, 2018 in Mexico. The exchange of knowledge and experience will be held in English for the first time.

Yoga retreat is a special offline program for deep immersion in yoga practice. She is led by experienced sunsurfers who have been practicing for many years and constantly learning from Indian teachers. Here yoga is revealed as a spiritual practice, as a spiritual path, broadcasting the wisdom of the great teachers of antiquity and modernity.

University – offline intensive for those who are not yet ready for independent travel. It differs from the rally in that here people are divided into teachers and students. Teachers – experienced sunsurfers – give beginners the theory and practice of travel, remote earnings and a healthy lifestyle: the guys try hitchhiking, learn to communicate with local residents without knowing the language, earn their first money as remote workers and much more.

Sanskola – almost like the University, only online, and lasts a month. Four weeks are divided into topics: remote earnings, free travel, peace of mind and health of the body. Every day, students listen to useful lectures, receive new information, support and inspiration from mentors and do their homework so that knowledge turns into experience and consolidates. Sanschool is an opportunity to improve in several areas at once and reach a new level of healthy and productive life.

Healthy habit marathons – to do regularly what I lacked the spirit and motivation to do: start getting up early, exercise every day, move to a more minimalist lifestyle. These three marathons have already been launched not for the first time. Right now they are going at the same time, someone is cultivating good habits in three at once. A marathon of green smoothies and a marathon of giving up sugar are being prepared for the launch. For 21 days, participants complete the task every day and report about it in a chat in Telegram. For non-fulfillment – a penalty task, if you do not complete it again – you are out. Mentors share useful information and motivation on the topic of the marathon every day, participants write about the results and support each other.

Sunsurfers wrote book – collected their experience and practical advice on how to live your dream: travel on a budget and consciously, earn money freely, be healthy physically and spiritually. The book can be downloaded free of charge in Russian and English.

It is always easier to follow the path of self-development together with like-minded people. After all, it is often the lack of support and understanding in the environment that hinders a person in his best aspirations. It is always difficult to choose something that was not in the history of your family, which is different from mass trends. The circle of like-minded people largely determines our development and encourages us to bring as much benefit to this world as possible while we are still alive. Therefore, sunsurfers unite in a community. Therefore, it is expanding and developing all over the world.

Mitapa – these are open meetings of sunsurfers, to which anyone can come for free. They have become a monthly tradition since November 2017. You can chat live with sunsurfers, gain useful knowledge, meet like-minded people, ask questions, get inspiration for creative steps in life. Meetups are held regularly in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Rostov and Krasnodar. In January, an English-language meetup took place in Tel Aviv, and in February it is planned to take place in three more US cities.

Of course, each of these events transforms people’s lives in its own way. We shared a few stories two years ago -. But to know the depth and power of transformation is possible only through one’s own experience.

What’s next?

Sun-cafe, Sun-hostel and Sun-shop (goods for travelers) are planned to be opened this year. But there is a community of Sunsurfers and global goal – construction of eco-villages around the world. Spaces for harmonious life and productive work among like-minded people, for the wide dissemination of knowledge and wisdom, for the upbringing of the future generation of healthy children. At the end of 2017, the sunsurfers had already bought land for the first eco-village. The funds were collected from voluntary donations of people who see meaning and benefit in this project. The land is located in Georgia, beloved by many. Its development and start of construction is planned in the spring of 2018.

Anyone who is close to the values ​​of the community can join any #sunsurfers project and event. To be light, to travel with light, to spread light – this is our common, unified nature and the meaning of being here.

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