What are the best natural remedies for a swollen belly? – Happiness and health

Have you ever had this unpleasant feeling in your stomach after a heavy meal? Indeed, this is particularly unpleasant. It is in fact the bloated stomach or more simply bloating. This results in the swelling of the belly when gas is collected in the stomach or intestines. In some cases, gas is expelled unintentionally, through farts or burps. But sometimes the swollen belly can last for several hours.

As a general rule, bloating turns out to be harmless. However, when they occur more and more frequently, they can be a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome. But what can be done to combat this inconvenience?

I advise you to consult the indications below. Discover the best natural remedies for swollen belly, but also some recommendations to avoid it.

Grandmother’s remedies for swollen belly

Baking soda and its therapeutic benefits

I wouldn’t tell you twice, Grandma’s remedies never hurt anyone. On the contrary, they have proven to be effective. Among those that help fight a swollen belly, I would first mention the good old baking soda.

Digestion problem, stomach aches or swollen stomach, baking soda makes it its business. Baking soda cleans and loosens your stomach in no time. Pour a teaspoonful of it into a glass of water, then drink the mixture after your meal.

Mint tea against bloating

Peppermint tea is also one of the effective natural remedies for a swollen stomach. Here is how to make the recipe for this healing preparation.

  • – Take a teaspoonful of fresh or dried mint leaves,
  • – Add them to the water that you will bring to the boil,
  • – Then filter the liquid and drink at any time of the day.

What are the best natural remedies for a swollen belly? – Happiness and health

Fennel seeds and leaves

Fennel seeds or leaves have already been shown to aid digestion. These also help to relax the intestines. To take it, all you need to do is prepare an infusion with the leaves or simply chew the seeds after a meal.

Different herbal infusions to treat bloating

Some infusions can also get rid of a swollen belly. Frequently used by our grandmothers, herbal infusions are ideal to aid digestion.

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Here is a small list of effective plants:

  • chamomile,
  • peppermint,
  • the Basilic,
  • dandelion,
  • Sage,
  • cinnamon,
  • ginger,
  • lemon balm as well as gentian.

Some practical tips to avoid a swollen belly

In addition to these natural remedies, the best way to deal with a swollen belly is to follow a few simple rules as a preventive measure. I therefore invite you to read the following recommendations and apply them on a daily basis in order to avoid these bothersome bloating.

Foods to eat

First, choose meals that are easy to digest. Preferably, regularly consume vegetables and in particular green vegetables, meat and fish. Thus, opt for a diet made up of foods rich in soluble fiber, such as oats, beets, citrus fruits, green beans or even carrots.

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Drink enough water

Also remember to drink water regularly outside of your meal times. In contact with water, soluble fibers form a gel that promotes the proper development of food and gas in the digestive system.

Some foods not to eat too regularly

Do not forget either to reduce the intake of foods containing a lot of fructose such as cherries, chocolate, apple or nougat, but also foods rich in sorbitol, such as carbonated drinks.

Likewise, don’t eat too many foods that can cause your gut to ferment, such as onions, raisins, or bananas.

The art of eating well (in peace)

Also, when eating, take your time. Chew your food properly to limit air intake, and stand up straight so you don’t compress your stomach. Eat lunch at regular times and walk a little after your meals.

Some additional recommendations to finish

Finally, a good relaxation after the meal is not refusal. Know that nervousness and stress are very often involved in the cause of aerophagia. And avoid smoking as much as possible so as not to swallow air.

What are the best natural remedies for a swollen belly? – Happiness and health

A little gymnastics to strengthen the tone of the belly

In order to prevent a swollen belly, playing sports is just as essential as choosing a healthy and balanced diet because it can help you fight two main causes of this ailment, namely constipation and nervousness.

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Abdominal breathing exercise

To start, I suggest you discover some very simple abdominal breathing exercises to repeat five times in a row. This little workout will stimulate your transit while reducing the swelling of the belly. Here is how the exercises are carried out:

  • – Start the sequence by adopting a vertical position facing a support such as a table or a chest of drawers.
  • – Lean forward without bending your back.
  • – Place your forearms one above the other and rest your forehead on them.
  • – Without moving your feet, stretch your buttocks backwards as much as you can.

Take a walk every day

If you lack the motivation to exercise, walk at least thirty minutes a day. Preferably operate after your meals to promote digestion. Also, don’t always take the elevator and opt for the stairs instead.

Problems with a swollen stomach can happen to anyone. Moreover, it turns out that nearly three in four French people are affected. The factors are diverse, ranging from stress and fatigue to a poor diet or repetitive constipation.

Remember that to remedy this, choose a balanced and healthy diet, not too heavy for the digestive system. Also consider practicing a little sport to prevent bloating. Finally, if you are predisposed to this disease, always keep a good grandmother’s remedy at home, which is easy to prepare.

In any case, if you have any questions on the subject, please feel free to send your comments, I am here to answer all your questions and to help you as much as I can!

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